View Full Version : For those in the Bronco camp and Chiefs fans alike, this quote made me laugh.

09-09-2000, 05:46 PM
The Boulder Daily Camera reports: 'Minutes after the Denver defense had yielded more yards than any other team on the opening weekend of the NFL season Monday night, Bronco defensive end Trevor Pryce snorted in disgust. "That was basketball on turf," Pryce said after the St. Louis Rams had slapped 41 points on the scoreboard. "They don't like to line up and try to beat you. They just try to trick you. If they had to line up and play normal football, they couldn't do that against nine out of 10 teams in the league. "I'll be glad to play someone who wants to play real football." Pryce was obviously bitter but this week, he and his teammates will get their wish, at least in terms of "normal" football. '

LOL Precisely what I have been saying all along!! Hopefully once we get them out of their environment, off that turf and maybe add in some rain or wind.... we can show them how real, physical football is played!!

detests the hybrid brand of football being created across the state.