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09-10-2000, 08:39 AM
Just a gut feeling, and I've got a good sized one. Davis still limping, EddieMac with a groin pull, and Reeves in his first and last return to MileHigh, and no Elway to the rescue. What do you think?

Captn Ron
Pin the tail on the donks

09-10-2000, 08:46 AM
I picked Atlanta in my picks today. That Monday night game might leave the Donks a little flat. It shouldn't be a free wheeling offensive game though, hopefully, the Falcons can stop TD, and have a better pass defense than the Rams. Being a realist though, Mile High is a tough place to play.

09-10-2000, 09:24 AM
I post at another board where they do weekly picks and over there I, too picked atlanta to win...

I don't think the broncos have the defense to contain Anderson and Chandler all day... if they (the donkeys) somehow pull out to an early lead, then I see them coming away with the win... but if they're close or behind most of the game, then I see it as Atlanta's game...

With Davis and Gary, they had the potential of a powerful 1-2 punch, but even if Davis does play, he won't be near 100%, so that punch is faded away... and I don't think the broncos can get lucky with 3 late round RB picks in a row (Mike Anderson now)...

However Griese did look good for the most part against the Rams, but then again, the Rams defense is nothing to get excited about either... Plus it was just one game... just like our loss last week was just one game... It will take several good games strung together before any bronco fan out there will get me to admit that Griese is a decent QB...

Atl 24 Den 16

09-10-2000, 09:32 AM
Captn Ron,

I like your style!

I also agree with you. Remember, the Donks also have a short week to prepare...

i've always liked dan reeves...

09-10-2000, 09:33 AM
I think the Hawks are going to beat the Rams today, It's cold and rainy here today and it should slow down St louis offense. Plus Holmgren always seems to have his guys ready after a bad game the week before.....Joe
puttin on the raingear.

09-10-2000, 09:35 AM
Chandler is a pretty good QB when healthy, The Broncos pass defense didn't impress me last week, I know it was the Rams but still!

Falcons 28
Broncos 24

"life is good"

Donkey Drew
09-10-2000, 10:34 PM
Oh, I just had to bring this one back to the top.

Capt. Ron, it's time to lose some weight. The gut you alluded to is lying to you, so it's time for it to go.

Chieficus, you're right, the Broncos haven't gotten lucky with 3 late round running backs... luck has nothing to do with it.

Joe, you're usually brighter than this. You're not still under the influence of medication after what Kitna did to you last week, are you?

09-10-2000, 11:48 PM
Actually I saw how good the Rams passing game is first hand today..

Therefore I take back the comment about your pass defense and the Falcons chance of winning....Joe

09-11-2000, 08:17 AM

GOOD CALL! - all of you Chief fans were almost right! Sorry about that loss last weekend, I know that close games like that hurt worse than the blowouts you are accustomed to suffering!

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