View Full Version : BCA Classic K-state vs. Cal

Kylo Ren
08-18-2003, 10:58 PM
2 seats, #17 & #18, Row 1 in the Club Level !!!!!!! Section 241. These are awesome seats. Club level is premium and the best view in the stadium. Better concessions and restrooms. Shorter lines for concessions and restrooms. You can't beat row 1 !!! I'm taking the highest bid for these tix no later than thursday. You can send me a smoke signal. I think I'll get somewhere between $250 - $350 for the pair of tickets. I don't know. Maybe that's too high or too low. That's just a guess and what I've been told to expect. You'll need to pay with cash in person or via PayPal. I'll meet you in the KC area to give you the tix hand to hand. Or you can come to my house to pick them up. If you're interested, send me your offer. Thanks