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08-31-2000, 03:05 PM

Rookie strong safety Greg Wesley, the third-round pick from Arkansas-Pine Bluff, said Cunningham told him that he would start Sunday.

"You can always use more practice, but I feel like I know enough to go out there and play well," said Wesley, who was second team behind Larry Atkins for all of training camp and the preseason. "Don't get me wrong, Peyton Manning is a great quarterback and Edgerrin James is a great running back and (the Colts) have great receivers. But I feel like I'm a pretty good player myself."

Wesley is practicing with a soft cast to protect a broken bone in his wrist.

Not that it matters much, between him or Atkins, but I like it anyway. Wesley sounds like Maz jr. out on STs. Hopefully he brings that intensity to the secondary.

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Dr. Red
08-31-2000, 03:31 PM
So our DB's are Hasty and Warfield at the corners. Wesley at SS, and Woods at FS. Is that right?

Does Bartee come in at Nickel?

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08-31-2000, 03:32 PM
Yep, except I think Dennis will be the nickel. Everything I've read says he's futher along than Bartee at this point. He's also slated to backup Warfield.

08-31-2000, 03:34 PM

Those players do indeed appear to be the starters. I'm not sure about Bartee at nickle. I heard that Dennis was further along than Bartee because Bartee was a Safety in college and Dennis was a Corner. However, Bartee is supposed to have more raw, natural athletic ability...


08-31-2000, 03:48 PM
Great. A 3rd round pick (Atkins) relegated to 2nd string because he was beaten out of job by a rookie from Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

Why didn't Carl select Grammatica?

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08-31-2000, 06:23 PM
Clint, you're consistent if nothing else.

Atkins will probably step in for goal line and short yardage situations. I also look for him to be groomed as an OLB, particularly if Stills doesn't pan out. At 230lbs he's really too big to be a saftey anyway.

BTW: Last I heard Grammatica was faring very poorly this preseason in TB. Maybe CP knew what he was doing after all.

08-31-2000, 06:37 PM
Ck - He was struggling pretty bad and the team was worried, of course he kicked OK against us.

08-31-2000, 06:40 PM
Don't you love that irony Morph. I heard one pre-game announcer go so far as to say they may audition new kickers. Then he goes out and kicks fine against us.

God truely has a sense of humour.

08-31-2000, 06:42 PM
CK - Chiefs have an amazing ability to bring any opponent that was in a rut back into the groove. It is one my little pet peeves.

08-31-2000, 06:49 PM
"God truley has a sense of humor"
Just another official keeping our beloved Chiefs out of the SB. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif


Red Eyes
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The Blessed Virgin Larry
08-31-2000, 10:29 PM
It's NO surprise that Wesley beat Atkins out. Larry was supposed to be a bad A$$ hitter but what I've seen of him he looks very SLOW and he got his A$$ run over many times this preseason. I DIDN't like the pick when we drafted him and I especially don't like the pick now.

Dr. Red
09-01-2000, 07:10 AM
Thanks for the responses.

I had forgotten about Dennis, as he has been one of our more pleasant surprises.