View Full Version : My 10-cent Observations

09-03-2000, 02:17 PM
1. Morris will be great!
2. Alexander should NOT be a receiver
3. Grbac must learn to use Morris and Gonzales FAST! By the way, GRBAC did a good job... (not a great job, but definitely good)
4. Running backs... same as always...
5. O-Line decent
6. D-Line good
7. Defensive secondary sucks... we will be getting hurt here all year... The only remedy is for the Offense to score EVERY time they get the ball!
8. Special teams are same as last year EXCEPT PUNTING which is gonna be GREAT!
9. Coaches still have their heads in the sand... or stuck somewhere else...
10. Arrowhead will NOT be invincible this year...

The finger will LEAD BACK to COACHING this year... BIG TIME...<BR>

09-03-2000, 02:20 PM
If that was a good job by Grbac, it will be a long season. I saw a lot of potential out there today, but I don't believe it was a good job. A better performance from the D-backs could have made a world of difference today.

Joe Seahawk
09-03-2000, 02:20 PM
I totally disagree with #7. KC's secondary was not great but for starting basically two rookies and not given up one homerun bomb against one of the best teams in the NFL...solid if inconsistent start for them.

The punting will be great? Hmmm, I think Sauerbrun was the biggest disappointment of the game. Line drive punts with no hang time are not my idea of great.