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09-05-2000, 10:45 AM
I live in Indy and today when I went back to work, most of my coworkers thought Grbac looked pretty good, clearly the best player on offense yesterday. I had more than one mention that we should get rid of all our WR's, they can't catch anyway. But most of all they were laughing at the pathetic running backs we kept putting out there. They couldn't understand why a team that prides itself on running the football, keeps relying on VERY mediocre backs. Can't say I disagreed with them.


09-05-2000, 10:51 AM
The only people that think the Chiefs are handling the running game properly are the Chiefs' powers-that-be, and blind homers. EVERYONE else can see that the Chiefs are trying to use the wrong tool for the job.

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Ugly Duck
09-05-2000, 10:51 AM
That's cool. I will agree that Elvis looked pretty good. He was going through his progressions and distributing the ball better. You can tell he is trying to improve on last year's performance. I applaud him for that. He didn't deserve the boos that he got at Arrowhead on Sunday.


09-05-2000, 10:58 AM
Grbac didn't drop those passes.

Grbac did get flustered & threw an ill-advised pass over the middle (his arm was hit - but that doesn't excuse it)

Grbac didn't call a horrible game, nor did he devise that horrible game plan.

Grbac didn't audible out of bad situations (perhaps he's not allowed to)

Grbac didn't miss tackles, drop sure INTs, or blow coverages.

Grbac played as well as can be expected. This loss was NOT his fault, nor should he be considered at fault. If the boo-birds want someone to blame, look no further than the coaching staff! They did not have this team ready to play.

09-05-2000, 11:21 AM
I wouln't say Elvis looked terrible either, but I refuse to say he looked good, when HE threw as many TD passes for INDY as Payton did.

I thought the chiefs were playing hard, the effort was there, the play calling sucks.

09-05-2000, 11:29 AM
I think Elvis did not deserve the boo's. What people were probably booing him or booing about in general were the 3-4 incomplete passes to the end zone for a score on the last possesion. The receivers could/should have been booed. Some of the passes did not look that good, but maybe the receivers were not where they were supposed to be on those timing patterns.


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09-05-2000, 11:29 AM
"Grbac did get flustered & threw an ill-advised pass over the middle (his arm was hit - but that doesn't excuse it)"

we`ll never know if it was an ill-advised pass due to the fact that his arm was hit<P>

09-05-2000, 12:25 PM

Did you notice that they also thought that Grbac looked pretty good?

I guess they're right about our running game but not about our QB?


09-05-2000, 12:37 PM
30 - it was an ill-advised pass because he had pressure up the middle. He jumped & threw the ball at the same time. You NEVER, EVER pass off of your heels. The fact that his arm was hit could be construed as an excuse -- but it shouldn't be. He never should have tossed one up the middle while jumping.

09-05-2000, 12:48 PM
IMHO, when you have a RBBC you have a RB PROBLEM. When you KEEP drafting average RB's that do not fit your "system" and have to resort to converting your FB's to HB's the PROBLEM is that much WORSE. When you are in DENIAL that there is a problem - you lose your way offensively and you assemble an offense that looks like the Chiefs'. Finally when you FINALLY draft a RB like Frank Moreau that has ALL the features that you say you like in a RB and you DON'T start him at HB along with your BEST FB (Richardson) your coaching ability has to be questioned at this point! When will the Chiefs disban the committee and get a LEGIT RB. It seems that when it comes to RB's in KC that this years plan is NEXT years priority! That's how I see it - granted it's only my opinion but it makes sense to me. <BR>

09-05-2000, 12:59 PM
I think Grbac did look pretty good. At least I think he did his job. The interception was just some bad luck, that happens!

The only real critique I have of Grbac's game was that he doesn't do MORE than his job to find a way to pull out a win, when others on the team are not playing well.

That might not be fair, but it is what I have heard other people say about Griese. He had a great game Monday night, but once again did not find a way to win.

Not fair, but quarterbacks are held to a different standard.