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09-10-2000, 02:20 PM
....I knew we were in trouble.

The Titans would have won the whole thing last year if he had played instead of McNair, who has no arm and is INT prone. This is the perfect example of why I would ALWAYS pick a pocket QB over a scrambler. The scrambling gets you out of tight spots, but the pocket QBs move the offense better.

I'm proud of our teams effort, but I am becoming disgusted at our penalties. This has just got to stop.


09-10-2000, 02:22 PM
Really?! I find that comment amusing... What did Gannon do with the Raiders today, him being a scrambler and all... He scored three TD's himself and rallied the Raiduhs to defeat the Colts, scoring 24 points in the 3rd quarter alone!

You analogy is bogus...
A good QB is a good QB... whether they scramble or not...<BR>

09-10-2000, 02:27 PM
If you're trying to start the "Gannon is better than Grbac" stuff, give it a rest. If Rich Gannon was the Chiefs QB, we would have still lost, and it probably would have been a lot worse, because the plays called still would have not made sense. Our problem is not our QB. Our problem is not our defense. Our problems are our offensive coordinator and our players committing stupid penalties. I've reserved judgement about Raye till now, but he has to go. He runs and runs and runs, and then when it doesn't work, he passes, then when that gets going, he runs and runs again, which doesn't work. He has no idea what he's doing.

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09-10-2000, 02:29 PM
O'Donnell has always had the Chiefs number. Every place he has been he has taken us apart by picking apart our pass defense.


"When you're not the lead dog in the pack, the view is always the same"

09-10-2000, 03:00 PM
No, I'm not starting a Grbac vs Gannon argument... You are getting tangential if you think that...

My point was that your argument is flawed... a pocket passer vs a scrambler does NOT define one type of QB as better than another...

If you want to change the setting, look at Tarkenton's career, or look at Kreig's career, or look at any number of quarterbacks...

A QB who is good wins games for his team. Period. It doesn't matter if he scrambles or not...<BR>

09-10-2000, 03:02 PM
O'Donnell picked apart our defense because Bob Dole could have picked that sorry-a$$ prevent zone to pieces.

09-10-2000, 03:18 PM
Kurt backed off like a little b!tch the moment Ho'Donnell stepped on the field, like he was scared!! It made me want to vomit. The D-line was getting to McNair & knocked him out of the game...they could've hospitalized Kneel Ho'Donnell!!!

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09-10-2000, 03:52 PM

The list of the greatest QBs of all time has very few people like Fran Tarkenton on it compared to pocket passers.

09-10-2000, 03:55 PM
That's because an athlete who can scramble well AND make great throws on a regular basis is much more uncommon than a guy that can only make the throws.

7 footers that can make 3 pointers AND dunk are much more uncommon that a 7 footer that can only dunk!

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09-10-2000, 04:00 PM
I agree that regardless of which QB we had, the play calling would have still been the sorry @#%#@#$^%^6 that we have had last year and so far this year!!!

Grbac or Gannon would have performed the same.

I guess we should be careful what we wish for. We wanted Hackett gone, now we have Raye. We wanted Marty gone now we have Gunther!

Both IMHO were better than what we got. And you have to admit that Gun was an awesome DC

09-10-2000, 04:02 PM
The play-calling was good enough the win the game.

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09-10-2000, 06:31 PM
Yes Stoyo should have made that FG, but he was not the only mistake.

09-10-2000, 07:04 PM
ITCS = It's The Coaching, Stupid!

(Not aimed at anyone BB person at all)

(Wish Lamar would wake up and smell the coffee)<BR>

09-10-2000, 07:06 PM
Fly - Maybe that should be ITSC...

09-10-2000, 07:15 PM
Morph, you are right.

Let's try ITSUCKS:

It's The Stupid, Ultra-Conservative Koaching Stooges...

09-10-2000, 07:23 PM
Morph and Fly,

you guys crack me up.

Hope everything is fine.