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09-12-2000, 11:54 AM
Troy 14 11 0 .785714286
Spoogeboy 11 5 .454545455
Hawiianboy 15 12 .8
Warpaint 16 7 .4375
KC Red 12 10 .833333333
Jl80 4 3 .75
Greg 7 1 .142857143*
Masonic 9 5 .555555556
Brackett 9 5 .555555556
Luzcap 8 1 .125
Cory 4 2 .5*
jcl - kcfan 5 3 .6
Fat Homer 4 1 .25*
Cormac 4 2 .5*
Chief NJ 4 3 .75*
Hoover 4 2 .5
mizzou5 5 3 .6
KC in NY 3 1 .333333333
kcsammy 4 2 .5

Well it was a tuff week for most of us but congradulations on all who did well this week. I need all of you to post on the BB as well as send me an e-mail at troyl@ragingbull.com Posting on BB is what I go off of but if the server ever goes down I have backup with the e-mails. A * next to your name means that I never received your picks and if you go another week without posting your picks I will go ahead and assume that you don't want to continue. Good luck to everyone this week. May it be more profitable than my last week. <BR>

09-12-2000, 11:58 AM
Well isn't that nice the way it jammed everything together for me like that. Once again if I have your e-mail address you will get the real excell document. I will write it out next week but this still shouldn't be that hard to figure out. Sorry

09-12-2000, 12:15 PM
Thanks Big Daddy, in the excel format, that must be why after I downloaded, it kicked it into Microsoft Word. I damn near never found it, but you are right it is a good format. Ah so, now I know.

LD for KC
09-12-2000, 04:52 PM
Thanks Big Daddy, the excel doc looked good!

This is fun!

YO JQ, looks like I'm over the Mendoza line!!!

Still can't believe your Raiders won at Indy, damn, that black and silver crow ain't good eatin'....

J Smitty is happy C. Okoye will be in the Chiefs Ring of fame!!