View Full Version : Donks or Faidas Sun., Which is better for us?

Joe Seahawk
09-13-2000, 04:23 PM
Sadly, this weekend either Denver or Oakland will win. Obviously, neither is a postive for our struggling Chiefs. So, who do you want to see win? Which would be better for the Chiefs?

Raidas: all-time hated rival but they haven't been around for awhile and I'm really getting sick of the Broncos. However, do we need to hear all the Faida fans rant 3-0? Not to mention that may give them a 3 game lead on KC.

Denver: more of a true geographical rivalry than the Oakland "hatred" thing. Traditionally, I'd pull for the Donks over the Raidas. However, it seems to me lately I've hated more Donx than Raida's (see Romo). If Denver wins that would help pull the Raidas back to the pack and I think that is crucial. Though it's still early we don't need a team gaining too much confidence this early.

I guess it's in KC's best interest for Denver to win. Of course, that's assuming KC can stop the 0 for 2000 skid, a HUGE assumption. What do you think?


Remember Kansas City's hero, Joe Delaney #37.

09-13-2000, 04:29 PM
It's better if Oakland wins, because overall we want them to split their season series, and If denver wins, Oakland would be forced to win at Mile High to avoid the series sweep.

A split works best for the other divisional teams IMO......Joe

09-13-2000, 05:07 PM
Joe Seahawk has the idea. Look at it this way, Chiefs fans. You beat the Dolts, Raiders beat the Donks. Then the Chiefs and Donks are tied for second in the division. Would you rather hope for a late-season slump from the Raiders or the Donks? From many of the "Raider as Faider" posts I've seen on the Chief's bb, I'd expect that you'd rather count on Oakland fading away in the latter part of the season. If the Donks have a poor record within the division, the Chiefs can run neck-and-neck with them. The strength-of-schedule disparity between KC and Denver will hurt you unless the Donks get whupped within the division. Root for the Raiders on Sunday.....

09-13-2000, 05:12 PM
Raiders all the way. My favorite teams are the Chiefs and who ever is playing the Broncos. While I don't like the Raiders (except for Gannon), my white-hot hatred for all things Denver knows no bounds. Unless Denver's winning had some sort of realistic play-off implication for us, I would sooner die than root for them, against ANYBODY.

Besides, unless something miraculous happens, one of these two teams will win the division. Hell, we can't even catch a break, let alone a miracle. Do any of you really want to see the vile Donx win the division again, EVER? I'd personally rather drink bleach.


Have I ever mentioned that I hate Denver?

09-13-2000, 05:12 PM
I am of the opinion that momementum being stopped is more important. Therefore Denver beating Oakland does two things it breaks Oaklands momentum and puts both teams at 2-1. Denver is banged up and it may get worse so a late season slide for them appears more likely tnat for the Raiders. For all of the above I choose a Donk win. Besides I pretty much am totally unable to root for the Raiders, no matter who is the opponent.

Jim Reynolds
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09-13-2000, 05:13 PM
Sorry Tim,

The way you feel about the Donks is the way I feel about the Raiders only at minimum doubled.

Jim Reynolds
Please no squiggles in my discussion zone!

Joe Seahawk
09-13-2000, 05:15 PM
Logical, I'm with you. I find it impossible to pull for the dreaded Raidas..

09-13-2000, 05:17 PM
Jim, that's not possible.

09-13-2000, 05:50 PM
Fellas, let's be realistic here. We are NOT going to the playoffs this year. That being said, it's just a matter of which team you hate more. I DEFINITELY hate Denver more than any other team out there, so I guess I'll be wearing silver&black during that game...

Sorry, but the Raiders have no one who is nearly as despicable as Romo the Nazi... and they didn't have Shannon Sharpe around for several years either.

Plus, I get sick of their President spewing all his self-righteous BS and then doing NOTHING to back up his words with action.

Go Raiders!

09-13-2000, 08:10 PM
Not to be mean, but the team you guys have cheered for is currently 0-2... so go ahead and cheer for the Raiduhs. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Seahawk has the idea, if you're going to be logical about it. But, if roles were reversed for KC and Denver this week (records and all) .... I'd root for KC.

Dogfight for all teams....

However, if Denver beats Oakland - goes 2-1 and then beats KC at Denver in Week 4 (which is incredibly likely given the output from both teams over the last two weeks) that would put Denver at 3-1 going into Week 5, with Oak looking at 3-1 and KC possibly at 1-3 (if KC beats SD and Oak beats 9ers).

Hmmm, what to do ... what to do...

09-13-2000, 08:21 PM
There will NEVER be a day when I root for the Raiders.....NEVER. I only root for the Donks twice a year (when they play Oakland), but this year that will be 3, with the St. Louis game added on there. Boy that makes me sick.....