View Full Version : Looking for two Bears tickets

12-14-2003, 09:12 PM
I'm looking for two tickets to the game against Chicago. This would be a Christmas present for my little brother, who is a huge fan but hasn't been to a game this season, I would really like to get him into this one, he gets a huge kick out of being in the stadium for the game. Since it is a gift I would like to get the best seats I could, lower level if possible.

I live in the KC metro area and would come pick them up with cash (within a reasonable distance) or I could pay with PayPal or another safe delivery method of your choosing.

Thanks to anyone who could help me out, smoke me with information if you have any to pass along. This would really make him happy, so hopefully I can get this done and we'll be there to watch us lock up homefield advantage :toast: