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09-27-2000, 05:44 AM
Here is Chris Mortensen's comments about the KC vs. Den game, kinda interesting.

We learned one thing from this game -- not just any quarterback can win with Mike Shanahan's system. Gus Frerotte had the benefit of taking the snaps in practice all week and, quite frankly, was close to stinko, especially when the Broncos needed him to make plays. Give the Chiefs credit. Down 22-10 on the road, Gunther Cunningham's team played gutsy football. Elvis Grbac made big throws in the fourth quarter. He's got some weapons in Tony Gonzalez, Derrick Alexander and Sylvester Morris. And fullback Tony Richardson is one tough hombre. The Chiefs' youth movement could end up paying huge dividends down the road. As for the Broncos, they better hope Brian Griese's shoulder heals quickly. Injuries are taking its toll on a potential
championship team.

Here is the link for the story. http://espn.go.com/chrismortensen/index.html


09-27-2000, 06:33 AM
Not bad ... I agree about Gus, he's serviceable and that's about it.

KC ... young, up and coming.

Denver ... potential championship team.



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