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01-10-2004, 05:23 PM
Alright, you know the rules Bwana set forth below, with a tiny twist. Since he has not started a thread and being that this is the very 1st Chiefs Playoff Game in Chiefs Planet history, we need to have this thread... and I will pick up the tab for this one (if we have a winner).

My thoughts:

Our time to win in January has come. The days of being eliminated at Arrowhead are in the past and we will leave it in the past in this game. The Colts present a major obstacle, but the Chiefs will be ready to rise to the occasion and be the team that leaves Arrowhead victorious. It is very tough, even in the regular season, to put together 2 superb games together... to do it in the playoffs will prove to be difficult, as the Colts will learn.

This will not be a blowout, but the Chiefs will have the upper hand all the way through. Chiefs will use their greatest strength and use it to their advantage (dominant o-line vs undersized d-line), setting up Priest for the most touches he's ever had as a Chief, setting up the play action for Gonzalez to make the Colts pay, and controlling time of possession. Hall will give the Chiefs solid field position all day long. Colts will hurt the Chiefs when Manning and company hit the field, but on the road, there will be two critical mistakes made by the Colts that the Chiefs will capitalize on and that will seal the deal on the Chiefs first playoff win in 10 years.

It will be..............

Chiefs 38
Colts 31

(1) I will give away $100.00 to the FIRST person that posted the "exact" score ONLY if the Chiefs win (no way in hell will I give money away to anyone who predicts the exact score of a Chiefs playoff loss. Deal with it). If two people pick the exact score in the same week, the first person only will win. That's why it pays to look at other members picks before you post yours. My score also counts as a pick, so don't pick the same score as I do if you want a shot at the Jackpot. All members of the board can play. Only scores posted on this thread will be considered. If someone posted a guess on another thread and it happens to be the correct score, it won't count, so post your guess here.

(2) All scores must be posted BEFORE KICKOFF, NO EXCEPTIONS. If any score is posted after the official NFL kickoff time, it will not count. If any one person does this twice within the season, they will be automatically disqualified from future game pots for the rest of the season.

(3) Each person is allowed only one pick per Chief game per week. More than one pick will result in that person being disqualified for that week, no exceptions. Once you pick a score, don't ask to chance it, that's your pick for the week. If no one nails the exact score for the week, the pot will go up $10.00 per week, with a cap of $100.00 until someone wins it. At that point, it will drop back down to $10.00. and the process will start over.

(4)**** IP's will be verified by admins. Multiple entries will be DQ'ed and result in being disqualified for the remainder of the year for the jackpot.****

Payoff: When someone wins the pot, I will give that person a choice. I will either send the money directly to that person, or will give the winner the option to have me donate it directly to the 37 Forever Foundation in their name. It's the winners call. No hard feelings either way, it's the winners choice.

One more twist: For every playoff game the Chiefs do win, I will donate $37.58 (in tribute to Joe Delaney and Derrick Thomas) to 37 Forever, regardless of whether anyone won the contest or not.

GOOD LUCK and GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!!!

01-10-2004, 05:31 PM
Ok...nobody else wants to play???

Chiefs 34
Colts 24