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09-03-2000, 07:37 PM
Coaching - D

The team was obviously not ready for what they faced today. The offensive playcalling was HIDEOUS...so much for the "wide open" offense we've been hearing about for 2 offseasons now, even when the Chiefs are behind. The special teams unit looked more like the Special Olympics today...was there ever any doubt that Stock should've been unemployed before the Super Bowl last year?

QB - D-

Grbac was vicimized by drops, but he was VERY off today. Numerous passes were amazingly off-target, and he missed streaking, wide open WRs on at least two occasions. The game-killing INT was the icing on the cake.

TE - D-

Maybe "incomplete" would be a better grade. The TEs were a non-factor...the best TE in the NFL was nowhere to be found today.

O line - C

Good pass protection, below average run blocking. Tait made a ho out of Bratzke(sp).

WRs - D

Would've been an "F" had Morris not shown why he should be the #1 WR right now. DA apparently has chosen to take the first half of the season off this year, rather than the second. Lockett gave some great efforts on poorly thrown balls, and Parker was a non-factor.

RBs/FBs - D

An "F" without TR. Why the "starter" only got 13 carries is beyond me. I also found it interesting that Cloud is now receiving fewer carries than any active HB or FB except for Anders, after being the starter until a few days ago. Continued...

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Clint in Wichita
09-03-2000, 07:51 PM
My personal grade for the Seahawks:

QB F- horrible play by Kitna, he may be done for good if Huard gets the start next week.

O-line C- actually gave Kitna time to throw interceptions..

Wide receivers.. incomplete...they never had a catchable ball thrown to them...

RB's/FB's ...C taken out of the running game too early, Ricky had 50 yards on six carries, but then they were down 16-0...no more running game.

Special teams B good punts and except for a missed 52 yard field goal, no real mistakes.......Joe

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09-03-2000, 07:51 PM
I give the LB's a D+ and the DB's an F. Warfield got burned all day. Hasty dropped a sure INT he probably could have returned for a TD, and also gut burned on a deep in pattern. Donnie Edwards also had another one which he probably coulda done something with. All in all, too many mistakes all around to compete with Indy. I think the D- on Grbac is a little too low though because despite the bad decision on the INT, he practically was our offense today, and may have been moreso had the drops not killed drives (I counted about 3-4 drive killers, IE third down drops) and had Alexander caught the sure TD on the pass right before Lockett got overthrown. Outside of a few good runs here and there, the ground game never really did much establshing.

09-03-2000, 07:53 PM
I had my defensive review typed out, then accidentally deleted it. Only Edwards, Woods, and to a lesser extent Wesley, put together a solid game. Williams is a joke, and Glock finally seems motivated...to break the single-season record for offsides penalties by a single player.

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09-03-2000, 07:54 PM
Warfield was thrust into the fire, ala Manning...look for him to improve. I'm glad gun put him on the bubble..He did the same thing 3 years ago, and it paid off. Woods and Tongue.

Fat Homer
09-03-2000, 08:12 PM
Coaching - F- (yes, F minus) Our O stooge called SEVEN consecutive running plays up the gut to start the game. He actually scripted that inept boo-inducing crap! RB rotation was STUPID. It killed all consistency. I think we were still using our preseason playbook.

Our D stooge called all-out blitzes up front, with a SOFT ZONE behind it!? Is that supposed to be some retarded variation of the zone-blitz? Having Warfield cover Marvin Harrison, arguably the best WR in the NFL, was brilliant! I mean, why put our Pro Bowl DB on their Pro Bowl WR? We wanted the game to be more challenging I guess...

Our ST stooge is still here - and is still employed by the Chiefs organization. Enough said.<P>

Fat Homer
09-03-2000, 08:13 PM
QB - C: Elvis actually had a pump-fake... I almost shat! He locked on once or twice... threw behind a receiver once or twice. Suffered from dropped passes. Threw two TDs... but flailed like a **** when pressured again. Has not shown leadership qualities, nor has he shown any improvement. INT was the result of having his arm hit - see the replay.

TE - Incomplete


RB - Incomplete - none of them had the opportunity to get into a rythmn. No consistency... TRich looked good, but then was replaced by Bennett... followed by Cloud, then Anders.... then MOreau looked good, then he was replaced by.... AARRRRGGGG

OL - A great job.

DL - D got pressure at times, but also missed tackles. Would have been a C, but Dan Williams brings the entire score down for his back-to-back ignorant plays.

DBs - B- not bad considering who they faced. Warfield should NOT have been matched on Harrison -- that was poor coaching, not poor play. DBs made the tackles when necessary.

LBs - C Edwards & Patton did their jobs, but Bush - our supposed run-stopper - was nowhere to be found. Missed way too many tackles - especially towards the end of the game.

We faced a GOOD team today. I wish we had what they have (e.g., solid QB, WR, RB, decent D, and good coaching)

09-03-2000, 08:17 PM
They were going to go after Warfield no matter where he lined up. Hasty wasn't spectacular today...A couple of times he didn't even look motivated.

09-03-2000, 08:25 PM

If the Chiefs keep playing the way they did today, KC may indeed get one of the "big 3" in the 2001 draft!

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09-03-2000, 08:29 PM
QB: C- He was off target all day but he did at least learn how to scan the field this offseason. Spread the ball around.

RB/FB: C Richardson and Moreau were both good. Gun needs to stop giving Bennett carries. He's slow and has no moves. Cloud is OK as a change of pace, but don't give him carries just for the heck of it. Gun seems like he's running a 5 and under team where he wants to get everyone a turn to run the ball.

WRs: D+ Morris is going to be special. If only we had a partner for him. When Alexander wasn't dropping passes, he did snatch an INT from the DB to get his touchdown. Lockett still has trouble getting open, he'd be better off in the slot.

TEs: D Where was Tony Gonzalez? I thought this guy was the best TE in the league. He looks like he's going back to his '98 season as far as drops go. And Drayton had a dropped pass too.

OL: B Good pass protection. Only one sack allowed, I believe. Run blocking wasn't great, but even the best lineman can't succeed with predictable KC playcalling. Every DC in the league knows KC won't pass within their own 30. Szott came out in the first quarter, and both Willis, then Blackshear, took his spot.

Offensive coaching: F Raye needs to be fired yesterday. Another sh!tty day of playcalling, although you can give Gun partial credit. Nobody in KC knows how to run an offense.

09-03-2000, 08:29 PM
DL: B- Manning seemed hurried often, although we only got one sack. There were two or three instances when we were close (Patton on the blitz, the near safety, etc.). Those near sacks need to become sacks if we're going to be successful. Williams is a walking (limping) penalty.

LBs: B- Patton and Edwards played well, IMO.

DBs: D Wesley is awesome, IMO. He made lots of mistakes, but, I'll say it again, he's a 3rd rounder from Arkansas-Pine Bluff starting his first NFL game. He's going to be great. Woods also messed up some coverages, and overall I think all the DBs were making mistakes. I don't think they're used to each other out there. that's what happens when we let Dishman and Gray play ahead of these guys all preseason, then cut or bench them. They'll take a while to gel. Hasty's INT drop was tipped twice. It would have been hard to catch. Warfield was burned, but he'll improve as the season goes on.

Defensive coaching: D Too much zone, IMO. I think a lot of our ineffectiveness was due to the matchup of Warfield and Wesley (with one NFL start between them) on Harrison.

STs: D Parker is a good PR, but I can't say the same for Cloud as KR. Sauerbrun's line drives with 0 hangtime hurt us. I think coverage was pretty good considering (no, i didn't cut and paste this from one of my other posts http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif ). Penalties hurt us here.

09-03-2000, 08:30 PM
QB- If Alexander makes the simple routine catch Elvis is a hero...he had some bad throws but had just as many dropped passes.

TE- TG, looked just like that commercial he was in when he couldn't catch anything.

ST- Why Cloud is returning kicks is beyond me. He is way too slow and is taken down way too easy. Give me a 5' 9" SUB 4.3 return man anyday.

HB's- TR is a good back. He should have gotten the ball 25 times.

Dbacks- Give Warfield a break. He will get better. Hand it to Gun for putting him under fire. However, he should have had more safety help. Hastey had a bad game. He looked tired.

Coaches- Unprepared. Out coached.

Dline- Dan Williams should be traded or released at the first available time. He is a joke and an embarrasment to the Chiefs. Hicks plays with more heart and fire than DW, CM put together.

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09-03-2000, 08:32 PM
The offensive playcalling was HIDEOUS...so much for the "wide open" offense we've been hearing about for 2 offseasons now, even when the Chiefs are behind. The special teams unit looked more like the Special Olympics today...

Can anyone tell me why Jimmy Raye and Mike Stock are still employed with this team?

I certainly can't.<P>

09-03-2000, 08:33 PM
Because Gun is the head coach...

09-03-2000, 08:35 PM
Here's my take:

QB--C He is never really accurate and KC knows they must protect him with the run, but most of his throws were catchable. Many, many drops. Only took one sack (I think) and avoided that silly spin move to the right that we all hate so much. The INT should never have been attempted. Throw the ball out of bounds.

RBs-Bennett (F-) the rest (C+) Can't really fault them to much. Our starting tailback gets 13 carries, looks pretty good and gets yanked repeatedly. What's that about?

WRs--D Vast potential here if they can just cure the dropsies. Gonzo will have a terrible year if this group doesn't step it up. Morris and DA were open a lot though, just didn't get it done.

TE--incomplete. The Colts clearly focused on him and it showed.

OL--(C) Protected Elvis well (only one sack I believe). Losing Szott in the first half didn't help.

DL--(C) Looked like they were starting to get pressure on peyton, but just isn't a focused group. Repeatedly missed out in tackling Edgerrin.

LB--(B+) Patton and Edwards made big plays and actually looked like they wanted to play.

DB--(C+) For as young as they are, they did a pretty good job. The only reason for this grade is that they acually tackled well. not many big plays resulting from runs after the catch.

ST--(F) They're better, but they still suck. The huge penalty in the 2nd half that resulted in a 30-yard swing, was the biggest play of the game IMHO.

Coaching--(F) These guys just don't get it. Screen passes, penalties, horrid, horrid play calling, silly personell moves. It goes on and on.


09-03-2000, 09:38 PM
QB: C-
WR: D (except Morris - A+)
O-line: C
D-line: B+
D-LB: B+

09-03-2000, 09:39 PM
Oops... forgot most important...

Coaching: F

They should have been ready. They refuse to be ready. The coaching is the biggest reason we did not win today...<BR>

09-03-2000, 09:52 PM
Fly...did you not see Lockett catch EVERYTHING thrown his way? Morris is the real deal...but without Lockett we do not move the chains.

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09-03-2000, 09:59 PM
Duck Dog - "...without Lockett we do not move the chains." OK now, Lockett caught two passes (or one less than Morris). From memory, at least two of Morris' were for 1st downs, and probably all three. Two were great leaping grabs if my memory is correct. Morris is a playmaker AND he can catch. Lockett can only do the latter IMO. We all know you like Lockett, but I think you're giving him way too much credit.