View Full Version : Great Win for the CHIEFS but...........

10-03-2000, 01:24 PM
I would first like to congratulate the CHIEFS on their best game of the season. They really played well. Kudos to Elvis and the Defense that played inspired ball in the 2nd half. They really put the hammer down on the Hawks offence in the second half. I even need to say good job to Jimmy Raye for his playing calling (can't believe I just said that).

With that said I believe that the CHIEFS need to do 2 things to take this season to the next level.

FIRST - We must stop those penalties those are going to hurt us eventually.

And SECOND we are going to have to get rid of Pete Stoyanovich. He missed another 37 yd FG. I am not going to bash Pete, but I do believe that he is past his prime and if we don't get rid of him it is going to hurt us later on. I believe that Pete has had a great career ( still have visions of the ball just going over the cross bar beating the Broncos 4 years ago) but time for hime to go and move the next level. (IMO)

CHIEFS DOMINATE IN 2000 (Do it for #58)
take your best shot ... then pick yourself up off your back ... and take it back to the sidelines!