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10-07-2000, 08:50 PM

This is for those that thought it was funny to joke about the Holocaust


10-08-2000, 01:58 PM
HMMMMMMm guess I touched a nerve?

Gunther was a child during the holocaust. It must have been horrific!

10-08-2000, 06:24 PM
There was also a great article about Gun and his Son.

Dakota Chief
10-08-2000, 08:40 PM
Hi Pam,
Different subject for this BB, but I couldnt help not making a response. ANY war is horrific for a child...or an adult. I'll never forget a comment an elderly gentlemen(veteran) made at my store while waiting on his car. There was a discussion going round the other customers about sending troops to Bosnia. After listening to all those around him making gun-ho comments about that possibilty and other wars too. With all sincerity he calmy said to them "its obvious to me that none of you have ever been in a real war, if it was your houses and your families getting bombed or shot at, you would sing a different tune! Ive been there and trust me, I personally will never support any war ever again!"
There was no response, they all just looked down to the floor and had their gun-ho thoughts humbled. The reality of war is hard to comprehend , but for those few seconds, I was there!

10-09-2000, 08:31 AM
I agree.

I took a class in college about Just the Holocaust. Books and Film were used. NOthing was spared. If everyone had seen some of those and read true accounts of things, they would not be so ready to joke.

Gun Lived through it--lucky for us--lucky for him.

10-09-2000, 08:41 AM
Christ Pam. You are taking that one thread WAY too seriously. Besides, the dude apologized for starting it, didn't he? Quitcher b*tchin'.

And Gun did NOT live through the Holocaust. It says in the third paragraph that he was born AFTER the war.

10-09-2000, 08:44 AM
I feel how I feel and will never sway from this subject.

And If you are trolling...make it good as this will be your only chance.

Earl used Rommel and if this is you...Hello and Goodbye.

10-09-2000, 08:54 AM
You will never learn what war feels like in a class room. You have to be there.

I have.

Gulf War
Former SSG USArmy LRSD

[i]Shoot 'em in the lips</I>

10-09-2000, 09:11 AM
Duck Dog, you have my respect. War is no fun. My dad did NOT enjoy war. (He was in the Army at the end of WWII, only 17 years old)

But Pam is right about the Holocaust. It really is no joking matter. Just like the 2 million dead in Cambodia from the Khmer Rouge, or the millions dead in Afghanistan from the Soviets and Taliban, or the hundreds of thousands dead in Africa with the fratricidal tribal warfare, or the thousands dead in Bosnia and Kosovo fueled by ethnic hatred...

The Holocaust is a well documented tragedy. Unfortunately, there are equally terrible tragedies still occurring...<BR>