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10-10-2000, 06:15 PM
K.C. is the team in question, is it not? OK, I've seen the Chiefs play twice, vs. Denver and Seattle. My take on the rookies: Pat Dennis, the left corner, seems to be holding up all right, considering he gets the bulk of the action (for some reason teams seem to be staying away from James Hasty; why, I don't know). OK, he whiffed a couple of times on Rod Smith, but that'll happen. Greg Wesley is the kind of strong safety I like, a banger who can come up near the line and lay some serious hits on people. As far as his range, I honestly can't tell yet. Sylvester Morris has had some big moments, I guess, except that I haven't seen them. Against Denver, he had one pass thrown his way in the first half, eight in the second, and the result was two short completions. I thought Ray Crockett ate him up. Against the 'Hawks he was functional, but Derrick Alexander was the star of that one. Frank Moreau? Who can tell? Lost in the mish-mosh-mix of running backs. Tony Richardson is still their best runner.


10-10-2000, 06:16 PM
I believe that you accurately described the defense as pass-oriented and deficient against the run. It's built for sacks. Eric Hicks was a base linemen whom they used to lift on passing downs last season. Now he has turned into a sacking monster, fairly invisible against the Broncos' Matt Lepsis but a raging beast against the 'Hawks' Todd Weiner, who couldn't block my Flaming Redhead, if she had her temper up. Donnie Edwards is a space linebacker, terrific against the pass, active, but not exactly sturdy, against the run. I like Dan Williams. John Browning is OK if things are going well around him. I see Marvcus Patton taking chances and making plays, but out of position at times, too. Lew Bush is just a guy. Jerome Woods can hit people, Hasty cannot anymore. Finally, big Chester McGlockton. I would not have him on my team. He'll come up with a dazzler every now and then, and live off it for the next few series. I see him quitting on plays. I can't figure him out. When McGlockton was a Raiders rookie, Howie Long, his mentor, told me he could be the best defensive lineman in the NFL. Now McGlockton's 30 years old and approaching the downside of a disappointing career.

In sum: I've seen two teams run on this defense, which was embarrassing against Seattle. Individually, the players are not that bad. The scheme seems to be the problem. <P>

10-10-2000, 08:52 PM
As long as the Chiefs WIN FOOTBALL GAMES I could give two squirts of piss what this half baked geek says, writes, or thinks!

10-10-2000, 08:57 PM
Dr Z. (Zilch ,Zero, Zip)