View Full Version : Who's to blame? Many people had a fault in this one.

Duck Dog
09-03-2000, 05:14 PM
Much as the Grbashers would like to, they cannot put all the blame on Elvis. True, he made a bad decision resulting in the INT and he overthrew Lockett in the endzone, but it's NOT all his fault!

The offensive playcalling, while it started out being very predictable, was still not as bad as last year.

The D did better than I'd anticipated, so I really don't fault them too much either.

And what the heck is it with Sauerbrun? I thought he was supposed to be this great Savior of the Kicking game! While he was definitely an improvement, he did NOT punt well today.

I think most of the fault goes to the people who kept dropping the balls all day. Alexander has no business being on the field. Gonzalez seemed to be elsewhere during the game. It's so frustrating... you think you patch a hole, and another one springs up. Just like a leaky rowboat.