View Full Version : Andre Rison fixing to get himself fired?

09-06-2000, 03:47 PM
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Make no mistake, the San Diego Chargers knew everything the Disaster Area Raiders tried to run at them, and how to stop it. That's why the only score the Chargers defense allowed didn't come from the Raiders playbook. In fact, Andre Rison wasn't even supposed to be on the field. Coach Jon Gruden signaled for him to come off the field and be replaced by James Jett, but Rison pretended not to see the sign and hid in the huddle. 'That's exactly what I did,' Rison said later, laughing. ''Tim Brown came over to me and told me what route I was supposed to run. He said, 'Go to the corner, go to the corner.' I put an old-fashioned move on him (CB Tony Darden).'' When Rich Gannon dropped back to pass, you could almost see his disbelief at who was open in the end zone through his body language. 'I have no idea how it worked out,' the quarterback said, grinning....

If I was Gruden, I'd be kicking his giggling *** ...

ChiefsPlanet Administrator
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09-06-2000, 03:48 PM
Noticed that myself. I would not be amused even though alls well that ends well. In fact, I'd sit his *** on the bench for a while and let him think about it..... If I were Jett, I'd go Westbrook on his *** !!!

09-06-2000, 10:01 PM
Yeah Andre vs. 170 lb. Jettless.....

That would rank up there with the Dre/Dieon slap fest of a few years ago.....

Jett is supposed to have one hell of a finacial portfolio going... maybe he can help Dre out.


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09-06-2000, 10:13 PM
HB - I agree that Jett is not a monster, but I sure don't remember Rison doing anything against Sanders other than slapping at his helmet like my daughter smacking a dolly.