View Full Version : Let's show the world how we fear no defense!

09-04-2000, 04:53 PM
Where is the running plays that we all learned in HS?

Most of the running plays were so obvious that a kid could tell what was going on!

No quick openers, no real traps. No play calling that could make the Colts believe that something else was comming.

I'm no expert, but I know what works, Sunday Sept. 3rd, nobody was fooled!

Remember Joe Delaney?
Some of us do and are acting on our belief that he was a hero.
This is a bandwagon that all are invited to jump on!!!

37 Forever

09-04-2000, 05:13 PM
We need Joe Delaney right now... He was always a leader and a hero...<BR>

09-04-2000, 05:56 PM
With this coaching staff, Delaney would touched the ball a max of 5-7 times a game.


Red Eyes
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