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09-07-2000, 05:14 AM
Seems like all that time hanging around dad is paying off, Chelsea Clinton's love interest is a former White House Intern. LOL

Wondering how long before Chelsea shows an interest in cuban cigars?

09-07-2000, 06:16 AM
I'm sure she has already had a cuban and a cigar...Maybe at the same time. Seems there's a leader over there with the same political agenda as Chelsea's father and mother...

09-07-2000, 06:35 AM
You should take this to KCSTAR.COM...


09-07-2000, 11:39 AM
How long before Bush's daughter develops an interest in cocaine?

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09-07-2000, 11:39 AM
How long before Bush's daughter develops an interest in cocaine?

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09-07-2000, 12:19 PM
Not long, apparently Geroge Bush Sr.'s 'daughter' - George Bush Jr. was quite the coc-head.

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2) See them driven before you
3) Hear the lamentation of the women

09-07-2000, 07:36 PM
Nice football post Russ.

09-07-2000, 07:39 PM
When your candidate is running like a scared girl, attack the child of a lame duck president. What class.

09-07-2000, 07:42 PM
ChiefNJ - I have no qualms about EVER attacking a lying stealing felonious idiot or the family that supports his felonious actions.....

Clint - Funny, I can hardly take the drug slam comment of someone who supports the legalization of drugs very seriously.

09-07-2000, 07:46 PM
I see Packerhead crawled out from under his rock. Isn't that nice.

This thread actually reminds me of a joke. A bit long, but the Republicans will love it.

Chelsea falls in love with a young college student. She finally takes him home to meet the folks. After the young man leaves, Bill pulls her aside and says "Honey, I'm sorry, but that boy's mother worked for me in Arkansas years ago. You can't marry him because he's your half-brother."

Chelsea is heartbroken, but eventually meets someone else. She brings her new boyfriend to the White House to meet Bill and Hillary. Once again, Bill pulls her aside and says "I'm really sorry, but his mother was a Senate aid in Washington years ago, and I met her at a convention. He, too, is your half-brother."

Chelsea is outraged and goes crying to Hillary. "Everybody I fall in love with ends up being Daddy's son" she screams. "What am I supposed to do?"

"Don't worry about that idiot," Hillary says. "He's not your real father."

09-07-2000, 07:49 PM

Doesn't a certain vice-presidential candidate have daughter who is a lesbian? With your strict religious background, do you approve of it? Do you attack her?

09-07-2000, 07:55 PM
ChiefNJ - No, I don't approve of her lifestyle, nor Newt Gingrich's sister, nor any other homosexual.

I still don't understand your point.

Speaking of which,

Tim - What do you get when you mix a lesbian and a draft dodger?
Chelsea Clinton.

09-07-2000, 07:57 PM
Russ, LOL!

09-07-2000, 07:58 PM

I was just wondering why you posted a thread attacking Chelsea, but not other daughters of political families who are in the limelight at the moment.

09-07-2000, 08:00 PM
ChiefNJ - Popular news of the day, and yes I am a conservative. If people can be stupid enough to get in an uproar over the spelling of 'potato' then I can certainly take my shots when the target rears it head.

F. Gump
09-07-2000, 09:27 PM
lol........finally the answer!!!!

the reason we hear all the whining and crying and bitching and moaning about gunther, carl, jimmy, kurt, elvis, lamar, is this board is full of liberals!!!!.....people of who it has been scientifically proven that act on their feelings and emotions rather than logic!!!!

i know at least you are with me on this russ..... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

09-07-2000, 09:48 PM
Sun - I would never argue that point with you. Logic plays little in the thoughts of many liberals.

09-08-2000, 05:44 AM
If people can be stupid enough to get in an uproar over the spelling of 'potato'

Uh... Dan Quayle was a complete idiot and that was just one of many things that proved it. Bush's son is also an idiot, and that's why he's hiding from the debates. At least he's surrounded by some people with a clue, so the country might not go down the toilet if he takes office.

1) Crush your enemies
2) See them driven before you
3) Hear the lamentation of the women

09-08-2000, 06:41 AM
KC Jones,

I gave you more credit than to let the media do your thinking for you.

The media wanted Quayle to look like an idiot, so that's how they reported it. They (the media) didn't bother to tell you that Quayle's answer card had it spelled incorrectly. They didn't mention that none of the many reporters in the room caught the mistake until many hours later, nor that none of the National Spelling Bee Officials caught the mistake either.

If you're suggesting that this is evidense thjat Dan Quayle is an idiot, then what does that make you?

Instead of calling people idiots, why don't you tell us which specific proposals or policies of Bush that you stand against ~ and why?

I'm sure you wouldn't hate a person without a good, solid reason ~ only an idiot would do that ~ so please, share your reasoning with us.

always curious about how people think...

09-08-2000, 07:54 AM
I'm not very big on Gore but what I don't like about Bush's son is what he represents. In my opinion he is the personification of "Candidates without ideas hiring consultants without convictions to run campaigns without content."

I've had difficulty tracking down any sort of specific policy agenda during his campaign. However his track record speaks volumes. I'll post some stuff shortly.

09-08-2000, 07:57 AM
These are state rankings for different areas. In parens are the sources which will be posted later:

The Education Governor of Texas
Teacher salaries at beginning of 1st term 36 (1)
Teacher salaries at beginning of 2nd term 38 (1)
% Change in Average Salaries 1989-99 constant $ -1.1% (1)
Teacher salaries plus benefits 50 (1)
High school completion rate 48 (2)
SAT scores - 1996 combined math & verbal: 995 44 (13)
SAT scores - 1997 combined math & verbal: 995 45 (13)
SAT scores - 1998 combined math & verbal: 995 44 (13)

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09-08-2000, 07:58 AM
Bush Family Values in Texas
Highest number of children living in poverty 2 (3)
Highest number of children without health insurance 2 (3)
Highest % of children without health insurance 1 (3)
Highest % of poor working parents without insurance 1 (3)
Highest % of population without health insurance 2 (3)
Highest number of people stripped of Medicare benefits 1 (10)
Highest teen birth rate 5 (4)
Per capita funding for public health 48 (4)
Delivery of social services 47 (4)
Mothers receiving prenatal care 45 (9)
Child support collections 45 (3)
Number of executions 1 (11)
Teen smoking - down nationally, flat in Texas (5)
Teen drug use - down nationally, up 30% in Texas w/ Bush (5) <BR>

09-08-2000, 07:59 AM
Pollution in Texas
Pollution released by manufacturing plants 1 (6)
Pollution by industrial plants in violation of Clean Air Act 1 (6)
Greenhouse gas emissions 1 (6)

Quality of Life in Texas
Spending for parks and recreation 48 (7)
Spending for the arts 48 (7)
Public libraries and branches 46 (8)
Spending for the environment 49 (7)
Best place to raise children 48 (9)
Affordable Housing 48 (12)
Home ownership 44 (2)
Highest homes insurance rates in the nation 1 (11)
Spending for police protection 47 (12) <P>

09-08-2000, 07:59 AM
Sources: (1) National Education Agency, Rankings & Estimates: Rankings of the States 1999 (2) U.S. Department of Education Office of Educational Research and Development (3) U.S. Bureau of Census, Current Populations Trends (4) U.S. Dept Health and Human Services, National Center for Health Statistics (5)1998 Texas School Survey of Substance Use Among Students: Grades 7-12, Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (6) U.S. EPA, Office of Pollution and Prevention (7) Texas Observer (8) Statistical Rankings by State (9) Children's Rights Council (10) Families USA
(11) National Association of Insurance Commissioners
(12) U.S. Bureau of Census, State Government Finances 1998 (13) College Examination Board

09-08-2000, 08:25 AM
GEORGE BUSH JR. is the perfect human being. My God, the man has no flaws whatsoever! Why can't you see that K.C. Jones? Al "Pinko Commie Bastard" Gore will singlehandedly destroy this great nation. He will finish what Clinton's blowjob started! He is a bigger threat to the security of this nation than the Soviet Union's nuclear arsenal ever was! The brilliance of GEORGE BUSH JR. will become apparent as he personally leads America into an era of peace, love, happiness, and financial security for all.

Nuisances like famine, disease, war, poverty, pollution, child abuse and intolerance will wither and die with one wave of an almighty hand from our majestic savior for the 21st century, GEORGE BUSH JR.!!

If he becomes President, religion in this country will probably vanish...after all, who needs God when you've got Heaven on Earth?

Praise Bush!! HALLELUJAH!


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09-08-2000, 08:44 AM
KC Jones,

I live in Texas and I think this a great example of the media manipulating people's opinions.

We argue on this bb all of the time that you can't use stats only to evaluate a team. I would suggest the same is true of anything.

For example, the media will promote those stats without ever telling you about the fact that Texas, under Bush, is experiencing the largest economic growth in it's history. This is by design. One of the corollaries to an expanding industrial base is the pollution problem ~ it will increase. Ann Richards (Dem) was the Governor prior to Bush and signed off on the pollution standards.

The industrial progress and economic expansion was necessary and desirable here. Politicians are elected to make hard decisions and set tough priorities. There is no permanent damage being done to the environment, and more wealth is being created in Texas for persons of all economic strata than in any other state.

Our air is better than almost any other country that I have traveled or lived in. Kudos to Ann Richards (whom I do not like) and George Bush for having the guts to make these hard decisions and not weasel out of them like so many politicians.

09-08-2000, 08:45 AM
Now, as to the rest of the one sided stats regarding education, poverty levels, etc...

What do you think would happen if you put the US state with the biggest expanding economy right next-door to one of the poorest countries in the world, and build no fences to close the borders?

If all of the illegal immigrants (that make up a huge part of your stats) were removed from Texas tomorrow, 90% of all the restaurants, construction crews, landscapers, building contractors, and many others would be out of business ~ literally!

you can't credibly attack bush on texas ~ he's done a great job...<BR>

09-08-2000, 08:55 AM
As for specific policy initiatives, the ones that gave him my vote are:

1. Privatizing part of social security
2. Expansion of school vouchers
3. rebuilding the military
4. expanding NAFTA
5. Tax cut

Gores policy initiatives are basicly status quo. Meanwhile our schools are spiraling downward, social security is going bankrupt, the military can't shoot straight due to social engeneering and decay, and politicians of both stripes are dreaming of new ways to spend our money.

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09-08-2000, 09:01 AM

Why is it that when Texas experiences economic growth while Bush is in office, conservatives give him credit for it, but when the country as a whole experiences economic growth under Clinton, the credit goes to Bush Sr.?

No matter what is said, no matter how much evidence is presented, you are not EVER going to change your opinion of Bush one bit, and you are not ever going to convert any liberals, either. Why the endless bickering? Bush IS a recovering cokehead and Gore IS a robotic tree-hugger. You pick your poison, and in the end it won't make a bit of difference who's in office, unless you are an executive in the oil industry.

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09-08-2000, 09:05 AM
"you can't credibly attack bush on texas ~ he's done a great job..."

K.C. Jones just provided a dizzying array of statistics that show Bush is, in fact, doing a terrible job. Rather than respond directly to the numbers he posted, or countering with numbers of your own, you tell him he loses credibility for even questioning Bush's performance. Typical.

Have you lived in Texas under any other governor?

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09-08-2000, 09:13 AM

Don't take this (too) personal, but you are a very difficult person to debate with.

I just posted a dialogue that does nothing but address the "dizzying array" of ststistics and you accuse me of ignoring them ~ and then say that this is typical for me.

what planet do you live on?

09-08-2000, 09:16 AM
Do you really think that this election will significantly change the daily lives of average Americans? I for one do not.

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09-08-2000, 09:17 AM
Do you really think that this election will significantly change the daily lives of average Americans? I for one do not.

This is my signature!! There are many like it but this one is mine!!

09-08-2000, 09:21 AM
On the contrary Clint, this election greatly effects the daily lives of all.

The next president will probably nominate 3 or more Supreme Court judges. They are the final arbiters in our system and they serve for life. We can have a conservative Court or a liberal one depending on who wins. We've seen a liberal one in action and it took us decades to recover from it. In some ways, we still haven't.

Also, depending on who wins we can either continue our march towards socialism and veer back towards liberty and capitalism.

This election matters very much.

09-08-2000, 09:26 AM
The last election didn't noticeably affect me at all.

BTW, this country has been somewhat socialist for decades, and I think it's a necessity.

How do you rebuild the military and cut taxes at the same time? Exponentially increase the national debt, I guess.

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09-08-2000, 09:28 AM
To answer your previous question about the difference in Clinton not getting credit for the US economy and Bush getting credit for the Texas economy, do you really want to know? I get the feeling that you could really care less and just throw around (irresponcible) remarks like this just to flame people.

In the off chance that you really want to know the answer, I'll explain.

The simplified version (I don't want to be typing forever): Alan Greenspan is in charge of protecting the value of our money. Clinton (for the US) and Bush (for Texas) have no control over this.

A President CAN slow the economy by placing excess regulation and taxation on industry (and Clinton has tried to do this), but fortunately, we have a Congress that won't allow this to happen.

This is the same playing field that every Governor plays on. Bush (and I have to begrudgingly give some credit to the Democratic Governor Ann Richards) have pulled Texas far ahead of the rest of the country by making Texas a place friendly to business. In other words, creating an environment without excessive State regulation and taxation (for example: we have no State Income Tax here!).

Hence, the State economy prospers and EVERYONE has a job, higher wages because of the cometition, etc.

this is reality...

09-08-2000, 09:35 AM

I see another edition of 'correcting the re-writting of Reagan' is in order.

Reagan cut taxes and rebuilt the military. He did not blow the budget to do it. Under Reagan, revenue increased every year after the first two. The first two were recession years caused by cleaning up the mess that Carter left.

The reason the deficit exploded, despite increasing revenues, is due to the demo controlled Congress. Rather than keeping their promise to peg spending to inflation, they spent at a rate twice that of revenue. They also threw out the Reagan budgets every year and created their own, usually at the last minute.

If the demos in Congress had simply kept their promise to reign in spending and allowed Reagan to keep to the budgets he submitted the debt would never have happened.

By contrast, the reason we have surplusses now, is because the GOP Congress has refused to pass some of Slick Willy's more outrageous spending plans. Sadly however, they've subsitutied a few of their own.

09-08-2000, 09:40 AM
Yes we have been socialist for decades. That is a sad condemnation on us. Some of it was reversed in the 80's but sadly not enough.

Will Bush continue the reversal? I don't know. I do know the Algore will continue it with a vengence. Make no mistake that socialized medicine and gun confiscation are high on his list.

09-08-2000, 09:44 AM

Well thought out, and well said.

hearing a voice of reason...

09-08-2000, 09:50 AM
Bill, why do these conversations all seem to familiar? It seems you and I argued this same topic at least 5 times on the other board.

09-08-2000, 09:55 AM
It probably would save time to just save our posts and use them over and over.

admitting, however, that he enjoys politics...

09-08-2000, 09:57 AM
Slightly OT, but I found the following editorial from one of our national newspapers here in Canada kind of amusing:

At least it's amusing if you're a conservative.

(...it's also anti-Whitlock, sort-of...) <BR>

09-08-2000, 10:12 AM
Good article Kokanee. It just furthers my belief that the media has ceased in being the 4th estate and become a wholly owned subsidary of the DNC.

09-08-2000, 10:17 AM
I guess the DNP made a wise purchase, then.

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09-08-2000, 10:22 AM
Think of it more in terms of prositution Clint. The analogy would be more acurate.