View Full Version : Whether you like him or hate him, Whitlock's article today was a good one.

09-18-2000, 08:57 AM
Morris should now be the #1 WR.

Fat Homer
09-18-2000, 09:28 AM
Now doubt Clint...Morris (with a little help from Grbac) made Gun and CP look like geniuses for picking him in the first round...

The beautiful part of this whole thing is that defenses aren't going to be able to key on Gonzo or Sly without freeing up Alexander...you can only double team so many players...

And if Grbac gets comfortable with more than one receiver...my God, I'm excited at the possibilities... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif


"The word "genius" isn't applicable in football. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."
-Joe Theisman, NFL football quarterback and sports analyst

09-18-2000, 09:33 AM
Great article. Over the last two weeks, Jason has really done well with his articles.

09-18-2000, 09:40 AM
Yeah, I read that on the plane this morning. Overall good, but he still had to pop in his negativity (not to belittle?). I'm thrilled that Morris caught three TDs, but I think it's more important that Elvis threw FIVE, especially after getting booed while lying hurt on the turf (was rather embarrassed to be in the middle of that). Hell, even Joe never did that for us-highest number of TDs since Lenny. Too bad Joe didn't have a Morris-caliber receiver.


Have I ever mentioned that I hate Denver?

09-18-2000, 09:46 AM
Not to bash Grbac, but IMO Morris' 3 TDs are more significant than Grbac's 5. We've seen enough of Grbac to know that the planets must have been aligned just right yesterday...Morris just might be the best WR ever to wear a Chiefs uniform.

Yesterday was a "peak" in an up-and-down career for EG, and hopefully a coming out party for KC's potential rookie of the year.

09-18-2000, 09:49 AM
LMAO @ Clint. Not to bash Grbac, huh?

Who is 'we'?

09-18-2000, 09:52 AM
If I just bashed Grbac, then Frazod just bashed Morris.

"We" is anyone who has seen Grbac play more than one game in a Chief uniform. We all (should) know that Grbac will probably never do that again.

09-18-2000, 09:53 AM
My reasoning for thinking it's more important for Elvis to throw them that Sly to catch them is this - Sly can't catch them all but Elvis has to throw them all. He is the integral part of any passing equation.

We all know that Elvis plays better when he's made to feel all warm and fuzzy by the fans. If it helps, I'll gladly chime in.

09-18-2000, 09:55 AM
Wait a minute - IN NO WAY DID I BASH MORRIS! He's a stud! He's awesome! I love him! I'm wearing my Morris jersey as I type!

But even he can't catch sh!tty passes, so let's hope Elvis keeps up the good work!

09-18-2000, 10:00 AM
Do what again? Have a good game or throw 5 TD's. Let's not be silly, here. 5 TD's are great, but more importantly was the style of play that changed we used our weapons to defeat the other team by scoring points. We did not sit on a lead.

Took KC 33 years to repeat the 5 TD feat, something tells me EG's not going to do that particular thing again next week.

09-18-2000, 10:01 AM
Yeah Fraz, I agree. Elvis is looking better than I have ever seen him. He moved well, TRIED to gain yardage, made some great decisions on who to throw the ball to, and didn't lock on to his intended reciever all day long. By the end of the season, he could be almost deadly. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

09-18-2000, 10:09 AM
You guys are being way too hard on Elvis. How do you know he can't duplicate yesterday's effort? Maybe a stud back like Morris, some confidence and a little FAN SUPPORT is all this guy's needed all along?

He's finally taken the new 'vette out for a test drive. Let's wait till he wrecks it before we start beating the crap out of him.


Have I ever mentioned that I hate Denver?