View Full Version : Sec.302/ Row.32/ Seats 21-22 Rams and Browns under face.

07-18-2004, 05:35 AM
As I usually do every year, I am selling some of the tickets that I have purchased.

I am trying to sell the Rams and Browns tickets for 40 bucks a seat. That's under face value of 59 dollars.

I will also be selling some of the regular season games as well. But for those games it will be 65 dollars a seat to help off set what I lose on the pre season games.

The seats are on the 35-40 yard line. The Colts game and the Atlanta game are gone already.

I am not sure if my PMs are working so you can respond here or mail me at sdrawde33@yahoo.com.

I may be going to the Carolina game and the Denver game but have not made up my mind at this point.