View Full Version : Griese listed as doubtful for sundays game.

09-21-2000, 08:09 AM
Is a serving of Frerotte less fatting??

Boyce Berry
If you hit'em hard, You'll WIN!!!

09-21-2000, 08:11 AM

Ugly Duck
09-21-2000, 08:16 AM
I'm anxious to see what happens.

I read an article yesterday that quoted former Washington GM, Charlie Casserly, now with the Houston Texans - as saying that Denver might benefit from Gus' arm strength this week. It was interesting.

He drafted Gus at Washington and Gus had a probowl year there. Also, Gus did pretty well as a starter coming off the bench last year in Detroit. I think Gus will be pretty successful this weekend.

So - we'll see. I still think Denver wins, regardless of QB.

09-21-2000, 08:28 AM
1999 was Frerrotte's best year as far as QB rating. His stats were over 9 games:

175-288 2117yds, 7INTs, 9 TD's<BR>

Desert Chief
09-21-2000, 09:01 AM
Who knows how Gus will do, but this is really his first opportunity with a good NFL team. I expect he'll play well. Hopefully, the rest of the team will rise to the occasion. <P>