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Devin Vierth
09-09-2000, 08:23 AM
Here is part of the comments on Grbac and the link for the whole story:

Quarterback: Elvis Grbac, now 30-years-old and in his eighth year in the NFL, has reached a watershed point in his career. Though Grbac had a solid season in 1999, starting every game for the first time in his career, the Chiefs missed the playoffs for the second straight season.

Grbac has some outstanding attributes, including accuracy, mobility and executing play-action fakes. But he is not the type of quarterback who can carry a team by himself or bring a team back from far behind.

If Grbac goes down with an injury, the Chiefs could be in trouble. Neither Warren Moon, 43, or Todd Collins showed a lot during the preseason and Moon won the backup job almost by default. Moon appeared in just one game in 1999, attempting three passes. That's three more passes than Collins has thrown in his first two seasons with the Chiefs.

Any comments pro or con http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/confused.gif


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09-09-2000, 08:56 AM
I do not equate Grbac with mobility. He is fairly nimble when bolting for the sidelines, but I think of mobility, I think of a QB running for POSITIVE yardage. My bad.

On balance, this is a fair and accurate evaluation of Grbac, IMO. He would be a much better QB with an OC qualified for the job and a breakaway threat at HB. Grbac is probably doing about the best he can with these limitations. Anyone expect more from Grbac WILL be disappointed. That is unfair, but that’s the lot of the field general. He takes the heat for things out of his control.

He is not the QBOTF we were looking for, but at this time, he is the best available option.

will gladly take Grbac over the Billy Joe twins, for example.<BR>

09-09-2000, 09:01 AM
I just wonder if the standard of expecting one player to carry an entire team is too high for any player in the NFL. Elway couldn't do it by himself. When his team was most successful he had Davis, Sharpe, McCaffery and so on. Montana always had Rice. Favre has done some amazing things, but he alway had others there too.

As I recall from last year the majority of the problem was the kicking game that kept us out of the playoffs not Grbac (not saying anyone did perfect here).

Grbac has had some real crappy luck in his career. I can't really decide what I think of him overall, but booing the guy when he is announced before the home opener seems a bit extreme to me.

As for the other quarterbacks, who knows. Kurt Warner was a "no name" just over a year ago. Back up quarterbacks get a minutes notice to make or break themselves. It is quite argueably the toughest position in the game.

09-09-2000, 09:03 AM
The Chiefs have the worst QBs in football. A 43 year old back to a career backup??? Thats pathetic.

Most people know that your chances of winning without a playmaking QB are slim. The Chiefs have proven that over that last seven years. Montana is the last QB the Chiefs had that could make plays. Gannon could too, but the Chiefs didnt want him. Until this organization gets serious about that position, get used to the medicority.

09-09-2000, 09:16 AM

The “worst QBs in football” is more overzealous hyperbole. It is hard to take you seriously when you make statements like that. Folks tend to read that kind of ludicrous statement and blow off anything you have to say. Your point is lost in your venom.

What does the age of the backup have to do with his performance? If he comes in off the bench and fails to perform, you would have a legitimate complaint. As of now, you do not.

I agree with you concerning the need for a playmaking QB. But the playmaking QBs are few and far between. We were all spoiled when great QBs littered the NFL. We are now in the lean years for QBs. There are not enough playmaking QBs to go around. They go to the teams with the high draft picks. That eliminates the Chiefs from contention.

As far as Gannon is concerned, he makes plays because he scrambles, but he does not have the arm of Grbac. Neither QB is significantly superior to the other. Had I been GM, we would have retained Gannon as QB for three to four years while we found our QBOTF. Sadly, I was not GM at the time, so we have Grbac.

sifting the wheat from the chaff.<BR>

Fort Chief
09-09-2000, 09:59 PM

Sounds like this schmuck has never even watched Grbac play, those are two of his worst attributes. Along with his decision making, lack of ability to read a defense, and lack of ability to improvise.<BR>

09-09-2000, 10:11 PM
You will to admit though, that Grbac has the best "dumb and puzzled look on face after making a stupid throw for an interception" in the entire league.

09-09-2000, 10:24 PM

At least we KNOW who our back-up QB is.

And just WHO is backing up Favre? With his flimsy thumb I'll bet we get to know this "phenom" REAL SOON.

BTW: How's Mike Sherman doing these days?