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Touchdown Ted
09-26-2000, 05:12 PM
Although i'm a Raiders fam,and no,i'm not here to talk trash,,I was happy to see you break the streak of not comming out on top. (I hate the trem lose!!) The way i see it,if you keep it up,,hopefully not better than the Raiders...(couldnt resist)...then we'll be able to keep the Bronco's from yet another playoff run,Thus reclaiming peace in the AFC west. Here's to another year of great compition,and super bowl dreams.
Hope to see you in the playoffs,,,and may the best team hold the Lombardie trophy in Jan!!

Gracie Dean
09-26-2000, 05:17 PM
Wow - a classy Raiduhs fan??? Welcome aboard, Overhead! We always like civil discussions with the opposition. We tolerate some smack occassionally but prepare to be smacked back.... http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/wink.gif

I'm hoping for a KC sweep of Oaktown this season but would be kinda content with a split. You guys look pretty tough so far. I wish we could pickup a so-called hasbeen running back that would fare as well as yours has. Welcome once again!

09-27-2000, 05:32 AM

I think you will find that most of the Chiefs' fans on this board are somewhat hospitable. Of course there are exceptions to that rule. I think you will enjoy your time on the board.



09-27-2000, 09:01 AM
Thank you for thanking them, Overhead (I'm a Raider fan, too). KC did the entire non-Donk AFC West a HUGE favor when they beat Denver at PileHigh. Of course, there has been some discussion as to whether the Chiefs won the game or the Broncos lost it. I'll accept the favor either way. Its kinda hard to tell the difference, anyway.

09-27-2000, 09:17 AM

Welcome aboard but let's make no mistake.

The Raiders suck more then the Broncos.

Just want to let you know where I stand.

09-27-2000, 01:26 PM
Oh, is this where we thank chiefies for winning at Piled High?


Thanks guys. You did good...

09-27-2000, 01:34 PM
Back to back wins at Pile High feels awfully good. Now we just have to make sure you pesky Raiders learn last year was a fluke and you're not allowed to win at Arrowhead for another ten years


09-27-2000, 01:38 PM
Faider Fan(S)

welcome to the board.

Now kindly prepare to bend over and recieve your lashes. http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/smile.gif

I'm glad that the Bronco Beating suits your fancy, but don't worry little buddies, your turn is right around the corner.

It is more fun if a team represents on the board.

where are the seahawks?

09-27-2000, 01:38 PM
No, this is when you bow, shake your head slowly and think, "Boy, if only I didn't have to play the Chief's, we might have a shot at the title this year... DANG!!!"

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Touchdown Ted
10-01-2000, 08:37 AM
Well I can honestly say it's good not being told to "Blow it out your short's" stright from the get go. I very seldom,unless by accident,try to start "Smack-a-thon's". Life is much too short.I love point counter point conversations,and I will retort when getting dummped on for no reason.Glad to be here...blaa,blaa,blaa.....I'll try to watch my manner's.

10-01-2000, 09:14 AM
There's something inspiring about those silver & black uniforms at the ready, across the line of scrimage from those beautiful Red & White uniforms.
Two things guaranteed, emotion will be high, and the game will be close.
Raidahs/Chiefs is moment to cherish.
The comments on this board are made in the spirit of what may be heard on the field on game day...though the latter may be a little more colorful. Oh, and we can't break out in fistacufs. I cant type with my fingers all gummy!

Go Chiefs!

P.S. OVERHEAD, any AFC West dreams about the Souper bowl would be just that. Dreams achieved only in the deepest of sleep. So let's just consider Raidahs/Chiefs the game/games of the year.

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Touchdown Ted
10-01-2000, 09:40 AM

If you go back you'll see that I inadverntently did get a little mixed up with hawaiianboy.It wasn't my intention,but it happened,and in my post of this morning,I believe I tried to make ammends.
Having said that,I do agree with you. The classic Red vs S&B are deffinatly great if not emotional games.I honestly cant say i'm sorry we knocked you guy's out of playoff contention last year,but I will say it was a great game your boy's played.
Almost brought back glimpses of the Steelers and the Raiders,,,with Jack Lambart and Jack Tatum out head hunting in their respective positions.
Here's to a good year,and see you at Arrowhead,for round 2.

10-01-2000, 09:52 AM
It's way too early in the morning for Bob Dole to be able to stomach all this nicey-nice crap.

What the he!! is happening around here?

Touchdown Ted
10-01-2000, 09:54 AM
CRP....forgot the ps.
I have no intentions of breaking your knuckles with my nose,wouldnt want to have to clean off your keyboard out of guilt.....lmao

Touchdown Ted
10-01-2000, 09:56 AM
Nothing Rob...
I came in here yesterday,acted compleatly out of line,took my lumps IN SPADES!! And left.,,now i'm just trying to talk some friendly football.

10-01-2000, 10:00 AM
Friendly football? Isn't that an oxymoron?


Red Eyes
Chinn Up.

[b]The SitCom must die!!</B>

10-01-2000, 10:01 AM
Bob Dole saw the incident referenced, and as a Faidah fan, you deserve to be lumped.

Nothing personal, you understand.

Touchdown Ted
10-01-2000, 10:05 AM
oxy....looking in dictionary....Your right! Forget the friendly,lets just try to co-exist with out the use of brass knucles in the AFC west.

Touchdown Ted
10-01-2000, 10:07 AM
No more personal than when the boys come back to Arrowhead for round 2 Bob.....