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Clint in Wichita
10-07-2000, 10:58 PM
"One night last week, I was real tired," Gunther Cunningham said, "and he said, `You going to give Kimble (Anders) a chance?' I thought, `Gosh, everyone is on the Kimble bandwagon.' "

"When Kimble went in the game," Cunningham said, "Adam hit me on the shoulder and said, `Dad, I told you so.' He admires Kimble quite a bit, as he does all the players, but he was pulling for Kimble the underdog to come back from his injury."

This is a great article about Gunther and his son...
http://www.kcstar.com/item/pages/sports.pat,sports/3774d165.a06,.html <P>

10-08-2000, 07:16 AM
I just hope if Adam reads these boards he takes what we post with a small mountain of salt. I know I'd have a hard time if I was 17 and reading about what an idiot my dad, his friends, and everyone in the organization he works for are.

10-08-2000, 07:39 AM
Mark my words, Gun is going to own this city...His kind of story always ends up good when you work hard.

Adam, please tell your Dad to keep playing Kimble...