View Full Version : Another KC Star request looking for Chiefs' fans

09-10-2004, 01:07 AM
This is in the Star today so I figured I'd throw it in the mix, maybe somebody who reads the board has a great gameday ritual that'll get them in the paper...


'Duk calls

We need your help, Chiefs fans. Last season, Kansas City became the NFL's top town for viewing, even passing up vaunted Green Bay. Now, we'd like to share your passion and share in your big plans on Chiefs game days.

Staff writer Kevin Kaduk will be watching the games this season with a different group of fans every week. He'd like to be a part of your gathering, at home or out on the town, and report on all the excitement the following day in Sports Daily.

If you'd like to have him join you, e-mail him at kkaduk@kcstar.com and tell him what makes you and your group real Chiefs crazies. He'll decide each week what his next destination will be.