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09-10-2004, 02:11 AM

I bet $1000 on Colts +3, so if they lose by 3 or more, I win right? Or... its a push? I dont quite understand...

So they lost by 3... the line was +3, which means that the Colts had to lose by LESS than 3 points for me to win, or what?

I have NEVER bet on Football... heh.

Got a link for me or some shit?

09-10-2004, 02:18 AM
you won maybe

09-10-2004, 02:29 AM
Actually you tied and unless you are playing where ties win it is probably a loss. I'm used to playing parlays where if you tie it just bumps that team off your card.

09-10-2004, 02:30 AM
Gimme a dollar and I'll tell ya.:)

On this bet " Colts +3" means you add 3 points to the colts actual score and that's what you got.
Just the opposite for "-" bets. Colts -3 would mean take 3 points away from their final score.

09-10-2004, 02:31 AM
Why did you bet $1000 with the points? You should have just bet $1000 straight up on which team you thought would win.

09-10-2004, 02:39 AM
One more thing just to let you know, the team with + points next to them means that the bookies think that team will lose by the amount listed, in other words

Chiefs +3 = they think Chiefs lose by 3
Chiefs -3 = they think Chiefs win by 3

So really what the spread should be for the Chiefs - Broncos game is:

Chiefs -149
Broncos +240 :)

09-10-2004, 04:36 AM
chi3fs, in this case you got a push, which means you just get your money back because the line and the score matched...If the Colts had lost by less than three (or won) you would have won the bet....The Colts losing by more than three would have lost you the bet...That's why those little half point "hooks" can be so important, that is, Chiefs -3.5 is a hell of a lot different than Chiefs -3....

Ultra Peanut
09-10-2004, 04:39 AM
Here, give me two bucks.

Sorry. You lose. Wanna go again?

09-10-2004, 07:50 AM
One more thing just to let you know, the team with + points next to them means that the bookies think that team will lose by the amount listed, in other words

Chiefs +3 = they think Chiefs lose by 3
Chiefs -3 = they think Chiefs win by 3

So really what the spread should be for the Chiefs - Broncos game is:

Chiefs -149
Broncos +240 :)

The first part makes sense to me, and I understood that... my questions was if I won or lost with those +3 making both Pats and Colts ahve 27 points... Seemed that it would be a push and no money would exchange hands... dunno though.

thanks for all your help. Im an idiot when it comes to sports betting.

Kylo Ren
09-10-2004, 08:11 AM
Did you bet $1000 or did you mean $100 or was it $10. Please tell me it was $10. Here's the best tip I can give you: Don't bet $1000 on a game that you don't understand. Asking questions after the game is over is a little late. Were you drunk when you bet? Did you fall down and hit your head?

I'm just giving you a hard time dude. But I AM seriouus about not betting if you don't understand the game. It's in your best interest.

09-10-2004, 08:22 AM
Gunther_Fan beat me to it. I'm a very active gambler (but not into sports betting, really). First rules of betting:

1. Understand the bet or game you are making/playing.
2. Don't make a bet you can't afford to lose.

I don't know what your financial situation is, but $1000 is a lot of money either way. Please don't do this again until you fully understand the way the bet works. It's just bad business. :)

Not trying to lecture, just don't want to see you lose your ass where you probably could have won if you'd done a bit of upfront research (which you're obviously trying to do now).

09-10-2004, 08:57 AM
You should know by now that you pushed on the bet. I don't know who you bet with but the key to betting is "shopping" for the best number because a lot of online books had the game at +3 1/2 for most of the week so a lot of bets on the Colts were winners...

I am actually a writer in the sports betting industry and I write articles aimed at novice players such as yourself. If you have a little time check out some of my articles and you will know everything you need to know in order to wager on sports...

Here's my latest article and you can check out our site if you want to learn. Be sure to scope the "articles archive" link because that's where most of my articles from last football season are.


NFL Opening Weekend = Big Business
by Jeremy Martin

Most NFL fans will agree -- the offseason can seem like an eternity. After the draft concludes in April, excitement slowly builds until it reaches the point of near hysteria for opening weekend. That enthusiasm translates into big business for the sports books. Opening weekend is consistently one of the top football weekends of the year for the bookies in terms of betting handle.

There are many reasons that opening weekend is so huge for the books. For one, every team has a clean slate and fans of some of the league's lesser squads have not yet given up hope for the season. In addition, the sharper bettors know that the bookies have not yet mastered the season's lines. They know that by playing big in week one that they can get some good numbers because the bookies have yet to get a feel for how the teams will perform on the field. The bettors have the luxury of working full time on dissecting the NFL matchups while the books must pay attention to a multitude of sports while making sure not to neglect their customer service duties. Finally, the fans have been itching for some NFL football for since January and they want to compound that excitement with some betting action during the first weekend.

At BoDog.com, however, opening weekend is surprisingly not the top weekend of the regular season. According to President Rob Gillespie, most bettors can be lumped into three main categories: First, there are the public or recreational players - often referred to as 'squares' - who tend to bet on favorites and 'overs' and usually keep their bets under a few hundred dollars per game. Then, of course, there are the big-time professional players who tend to bet the limit amount on several games a week where they consider a number to contain high value. The third group is what Gillespie calls the "semi-professional bettor" who usually plays $500 to $2,000 a game. This group usually prefers to wait out the first couple weeks of the season.

"Those are the guys that are looking to hold off a bit," comments Gillespie. "They are looking to pick out weaknesses where public opinion is against a trend that they like. And week one there are just not a lot of trends for them. We will get a lot of those (account signups) between week one and week two. Our action typically peaks about week three. A lot of that will depend. If weeks one and two are great (for us), there's going to be less money kicking around for week three."

The books have a unique opportunity this season because the week one action actually starts on Thursday with one of the top games of the weekend - if not the entire year - as the defending Super Bowl champs New England host Indianapolis, the team they beat to reach the big game. Having such a big game occur a few days before the rest of the teams suit up helps the books ease the ferociousness of the opening weekend rush. It also helps the books because of the fact that the NFL opens its season one week after the first full weekend of college football. Since the books usually accumulate a higher hold percentage in college football as opposed to the NFL, bookies can gain a 'head start' on the bettors by the time they have to endure the typical risk-to-profit margin of the average NFL weekend.

"(The Colts/Patriots game) is outstanding for us," said Gillespie. "Any time we get a game on national TV in isolation, the handle is enormous. It takes some of the load off that upcoming weekend. So we are busy with signups on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as opposed to everyone waiting for the weekend. That's a nice break for us. It really spreads out that opening weekend rush over four or five days. Sunday morning (on opening weekend) between 9 and 10 (a.m. PST) is just crazy."

Gillespie said that the books usually do well against the public bettors in week one because these individuals may put too much stock into factors such as preseason results or key injuries. If a particular team goes 0-4 in preseason, for example, the bettors will tend to stay away from wagering on that team during the opening weekend. Preseason futility, however, does not necessarily translate into the regular season, according to the BoDog president. He also said that bettors might put too much emphasis on the loss of a particular player -- like Ricky Williams for the Dolphins -- when that player may have a backup that will perform at or near the level of the guy he is replacing.

Certain things that happen in week one tend to have a lasting effect that can extend many weeks into the season. One case in point is New England's first game of the 2003 season, which saw them dominated, 31-0, at Buffalo. This game alone kept the bettors away from the Patriots for a large chunk of the season.

"That one game probably put more money in our pocket last year than any other game," Gillespie recounted. "And it wasn't because of the results of that one game. It was because that kept people off New England for probably eight to 10 weeks. The mental image of that game was so strong. Then, quietly, they go on and (have a great season against the spread). Meanwhile, here's Buffalo. They went weeks without scoring a touchdown and people were still betting them."

Following are some quotes about week one games from sports book managers and oddsmakers in Las Vegas and worldwide:

Indianapolis +3 1/2 at New England - "So far I would say three out of five bets have been coming in on the Colts. Whenever they have an isolated game like this it is great for us. It is great for the league, it is great for the sponsors and it is great for the Nevada sports books. That's because it becomes a high-profile game. If this game was being played on Sunday it would just be another game." - Jay Kornegay, executive director of race and sports for the Las Vegas Hilton.

Tennessee -3 at Miami - "This is sort of a trap line. Miami lost Ricky Williams but they still have a pretty good defense. You give any backup running back in the NFL four to six weeks of preparation and it's not going to be that big of a drop-off. There's going to be a larger negative expectation on the Dolphins than really exists. I think (the public is) going to bet against them." - Gillespie.

Oakland +4 at Pittsburgh - "I think everyone (in Las Vegas) was at 3 and a lot of places went to four so there's been a bit of money on Pittsburgh. Four is a pretty solid number. Usually we get a lot of Raiders money here at our location. I don't think it will go any higher than four. You might start to see money coming back (on Oakland)." - Doug Beil, race and sportsbook manager for Terrible's Hotel/Casino.

"Two teams coming off of disappointing campaigns last season have seen money fluctuate from one side to the other. It continues to go back and forth with these two teams and I don't expect to see much line movement on this game." - Leo Shafto, head linesmaker for Royal Sports.

Tampa Bay +1 at Washington - "I think Washington is going to be a pretty good team this year. That's just my guess. I think they have better personnel than they showed last year. I may have too much faith in a guy who hasn't coached in a long time (Joe Gibbs) but I think he is going to make them competitive right away. Both of these teams are unknown factors, that's for sure." - Beil.

Baltimore -3 at Cleveland - "We've had a little bit on the Ravens. I wouldn't say the public has been in here betting the Ravens, because it looks like we have had a couple of bigger plays on the Ravens." - Kornegay.

Jacksonville +3 at Buffalo - "A lot of people think these two teams will be in contention for the playoffs. I think they are right. I see this being a low scoring game myself. It's going to be a close game. 2 or three is a solid number. I don't see it going anywhere else." - Beil.

Cincinnati +4 at New York Jets - "As far as AFC teams go, at my location, I would say the Jets have received some of the biggest interest in Super Bowl and conference (futures) betting of any team. There are a lot of people who think that the Jets are going to be a playoff team this year. I am not convinced myself personally. We will see." - Beil.

Detroit +3 at Chicago - "Detroit is definitely a team that has received a lot of hype from the general public. They are still a very, very young team. If they can prevent turning the ball over they may be halfway decent. So far the action has been coming in on the Lions. A lot of people have been talking about their draft and their high-profile offense. They have lost (a lot) of games in a row now on the road. I would expect more tickets on the Lions but that does not necessarily translate into more money because some of the bigger plays might come in on the Bears." - Kornegay.

Arizona +11 at St. Louis - "Dennis Green is a good coach. There may be some value here in taking the points. But it certainly hasn't happened so far." - Gillespie.

Seattle -2 at New Orleans - "There was early money on Seattle at minus two but I think the money will come back on the Saints eventually." -- Fernando Fisbeo, oddsmaker for Hollywood Sports.

San Diego +5 at Houston - "The Houston Texans have also garnered much attention at minus-five versus San Diego. I believe the perception here is that the Texans have a good organization and are making progress by leaps and bounds while the Chargers continue to spin their wheels." - Shafto.

New York Giants +9 at Philadelphia - "I don't see this game going to 10. It is probably going to come back down again." - Fisbeo.

Dallas +4 1/2 at Minnesota - "We are currently seeing the most action on the Minnesota Vikings minus-4 1/2 versus the Cowboys. Bettors seem to be enamored with youthful athleticism and flash over experience and guile. I can't say that I blame them as I fully anticipate the Vikings to be favored by as many as 6 come game time." - Shafto.

Atlanta -3 1/3 at San Francisco - "It's one of those games that (might) be a little bit of a trap. You get a small favorite on the road and people just think, 'wow, that looks so good.' If you lined them up at a neutral stadium would you really have Atlanta as a seven or 7 -point favorite? That's really what you are looking at with (this line). But people don't think that way." - Gillespie.

Kansas City +3 at Denver - "That's a solid three. I don't think you are going to see that move. You might see the total go up to 49 (from 48). If you like the under then wait - you can get a better number. That's a tough game. Both of those teams are very good." - Beil.

Green Bay +3 at Carolina - "You've got old school versus new school. I think this is a solid number. This game should (see balanced action)." - Kornegay.