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09-10-2004, 09:57 AM
Haven't seen these posted yet. Will flood them all from yesterday:

Q&A QB Trent Green - 9/9

Q: Now it begins for real?

GREEN: “Yeah, definitely. When you start talking about everything once the season ends and the speculation starts, football’s become such a year-round thing now. You have free agency, the draft, mini-camps, OTAs – there’s so much speculation and anticipation about the upcoming season. And then you get to training camp and all that starts over again. So to finally get it started for real, everybody’s definitely very excited.”

Q: How do you feel you match up against Denver with the changes they’ve made on defense?

GREEN: “You know, I think there’s probably six or seven new faces over there on that side of the ball and they’re going to do some things differently. But the fact remains that they have the same defensive coordinator, very similar schemes that they did a year ago. But you don’t go out and spend the type of money they did on Champ Bailey and remain exactly the same. So we do anticipate some different things. They’re a defense that is really focused on speed. If you look all the way across the board they have a lot of speed. Everybody – their down four, their linebackers are definitely known for their speed, and of course bringing in Champ has added another dimension of speed to their secondary.”

Q: Does having Champ Bailey allow them to bring their safeties into the box since he can cover a receiver by himself?

GREEN: “If you look at (Kennoy) Kennedy and (John) Lynch, they’re both known as more run-support guys than cover guys. That’s not a knock one way or another, that’s just what they do best. So that’s kind of what it looks like they would do. They really mixed it up a lot in the preseason and kept everyone guessing. Once again, going into this first game there’s no real film to study exactly what their thinking is going to be. Again, the same defensive coordinator, so you go use some of the same trends he used last year, but with the new personnel they’ve brought in – with Lynch and Bailey – now in the secondary, there’s a different dimension and something they can focus more on in bringing one of those two safeties down in the box.”

Q: Champ’s called a shut-down corner but in the preseason some teams went after him. Seattle hit a long one against him and another team almost broke one but the receiver dropped it.

GREEN: “I think one of those teams was Washington, so there may have been something more behind it there just because of the change of teams so they wanted to test him a little bit and go after him. And you’re right, Seattle has one of the best offenses in the league through with their receiving corps, and Matt Hasselbeck who put up great numbers last year. In watching their film, they were very aggressive and they did, they went after him. But you definitely have to respect him because his ability as a corner is definitely one of the tops in the league.”

Q: With some of the injuries to the offense, some of the wrinkles Al Saunders has talked about installing have not been put in. Are you comfortable with the way the offense is running?

GREEN: “It would be nice to have Kris Wilson and Marc Boerigter involved but that’s what we have and that’s what we’re going to have to go with. We still have a very solid offensive line. One that I feel very confident in, obviously Priest Holmes and Tony Richardson – two Pro Bowlers behind me, and Tony Gonzalez. We’re a little banged up at receiver, but going into camp that was probably, if not our deepest position, one of our deepest positions. We had the weapons back from a year ago and we added Kris Wilson and the young guys with speed. Because of the injury factor some of those young guys were given an opportunity and have played well and if called upon, hopefully they’re ready to go. But it is a little different look than we had in training camp going into the first game.”

Q: How comfortable are you with Johnnie Morton, especially since he’ll likely play on Sunday?

GREEN: “There’s a timing thing there, definitely. I haven’t thrown to him in probably five weeks. He’s coming off of an injury so he’s still not as good as he will be a week from now. There is going to be, from my standpoint, the timing part and getting back to being on the same page. The positive is that he’s been here for a couple of years so it shouldn’t take as long as if I was trying to get my timing down with Samie Parker or Richard Smith, the young guys that haven’t been in a real, live situation. I anticipate him coming back quickly but there’s still a couple days to get things ironed out.”

Q: Do you feel more comfortable with Dante Hall now that he’s seen more time at receiver?

GREEN: “He has grown so much as a receiver from his first year being here when he was in a transition between running back and receiver. Every year he has continued to grow as a receiver. He had a good game last year against Denver, not only from a return standpoint, but from a receiving standpoint. I think the catch he made in Dallas – the fingertip catch with his feet dragging – shows how far he’s come as a receiver because as a running back you tend to, early on in the first couple years, not trust your hands as much and try to catch everything with your body. Now what he’s worked on this season and in the off-season is catch the ball more with his hands and be more of a receiving-type threat. And I think that’s bee evident through the preseason how hard he’s worked on it.”

Q: Do you see Eddie Kennison as being 100 percent back from his injury?

GREEN: “He’s looked really good. I think it may have actually worked to his favor, in terms of his legs. He’s running well. His problem that he had in camp was more of a hand thing, so that seems to be coming along fine; he’s catching the ball like normal. He’s back to trusting his hands again. He does have that confidence and his legs are fresh, so we’re going to need that on Sunday night.”

Q: Do you feel like you’re on the same page with some of the other guys who missed time during camp?

GREEN: “Yeah, that’s the thing. With Tony (Gonzalez) coming off the injury and the spring, he was able to take the majority of the reps in preseason, so he’s good. Eddie had missed a couple of weeks but because he played in the last few preseason games, we’ve had more of a timing in practice and preseason games. Dante hasn’t skipped a beat. He’s gotten better every year and even since the beginning of training camp. Other than Johnnie, who I really haven’t thrown anything to maybe after the first two days of camp, we have things ironed out before the game. Like I said that transition for us should be smooth because of the last few years playing with him, me being able to read his body language and know how he’s going to run certain routes.”

Q: Have you had a chance to talk to Richard Smith or Samie about what it’s going to be like in a real game environment in an environment that is not easy to play in?

GREEN: “The thing about Richard, and I don’t know if you have had the opportunity to interview him, but he’s a pretty laid back guy. He doesn’t get riled up a whole lot. Sometimes we have to get him going a little bit; he tends to be a little too calm. I don’t think based on what I saw in the preseason, the fact that he’s been in the number one huddle so much, he doesn’t seem to be overwhelmed by it. If some of that comes from his track experience, being at such a competitively high level – he faces a lot of those tough situations. So maybe that has something to do with it, maybe it’s just his personality, but up to this point he hasn’t shown any signs he’ll be overwhelmed. When the lights come on and the big introductions, you’re at Denver, you have a lot of people yelling things at you that aren’t always that favorable, we’ll see he responds. But I think he’ll do very well.”

Q: How much of a surprise to you was his success?

GREEN: “I think the first time I really took notice, you see a few plays in practice and things jump out, but we were in team meetings. During team meetings in training camp there are different opportunities for the rookies to jump up and sing. I don’t know if they necessarily look at it as an opportunity, but we call out different guys to sing. We were in a chemistry lab and however tall the table is, he walks up to it and from a standing position jumps, I don’t know, some 40, 45 inches in the air. He just went up and jumped on there. I just leaned over and said, ‘What’s his background? That’s just incredible.’ I found out he was the NCAA champ in the triple jump. So then I got a little more of his background, and, yeah, he has some of the physical tools. I don’t know how he was utilized in Arkansas. I don’t know that much about him in terms of his college career, but he’s definitely impressed and done well. Hopefully he’ll come through on Sunday night throughout the year.”

Q: How was his singing?

GREEN: “Not very good at all. No, not very good at all. That’s why he was one of the guys taped up (to a goal post at training camp).”

Q: Does what happened last year in Denver motivate you?

GREEN: “The big thing we’ve looked back on – and I’ve watched that tape so many times, not only in this week’s preparation but after the season in studying. If you look back at that game, we were leading at halftime, we may have converted every third down up to that point. In the second half we were like two completely different teams. Dante, very first play, gained about 15 yards. Then we went three-and-out after that point and next possession three-and-out, and boom next thing you know we’re down 10 points. And then they changed defensively, you can just see it. Their confidence grew. There were a number of things they were doing differently on defense. When you look at the first half to the second half, it’s two completely different games. So we’ve somehow got to play like we did those first two quarters but stretch it over a four-quarter period. That’s something that we’re stressing everyday, is to not only finish individual plays but make sure we finish a team period or seven-on-seven period. To not only be excited and ready to go at the beginning of the game, but to extend that over four quarters.”

Q: How much will Denver react when Dante is moved within the formation after what he accomplished last season, especially against the Broncos?

GREEN: “Well, I anticipate it a little more this year than they have in the past. I don’t know if the necessarily – I don’t want to say respect because you obviously respect everybody you play – but in terms of receiving, you look at the other guys we have at receiver and Dante’s still coming into his own at receiver and if you ask him he knows he’s working and trying to grow as a receiver, even the last couple of times we played them there’s been so much focus on the other receivers, I’m sure there will be a lot more attention paid to him because of the success he’s had against them.”

Q: Is that because you move guys around so much?

GREEN: “That’s what we try and do. Create a lot of shift and movement and try to get mismatches and the match ups we want. Or maybe even cause confusion in the defense and they maybe leave somebody uncovered. That’s has a lot to do with why we shift and move so much. The factor that kind of neutralizes that is we’re at Denver. With the crowd noise and those sorts of things, it limits us in terms of our overall package because of that factor. We’re still going to try and do it. You’ve still got to try and we’ve been working on it. Hopefully we can continue to create those mismatches.”

Q: What kind of compliment would it be for the Broncos to line up Champ against Dante Hall?

GREEN: “That would tell you what find of focus they have. Especially since the situation that we’ve seen on film is they really haven’t played Champ in the slot. They haven’t moved him around; he’s pretty much stayed at that one corner spot. There was one game where they did move him around a little bit. I don’t even know if they’ve decided who the starter is going to be, if its Johnnie or Dante, either way they’re both going to play. Dante will be lined up some plays on the outside, some of the inside. If they do do that, they moved Champ on him, it will be a huge compliment.”

Q: How surprised would you be if you saw Champ on Tony Gonzalez?

GREEN: “You know they’ve put a lot of focus on their linebackers. They’ve got a lot of speed, they drafted a guy in the first round, Al Wilson was a Pro Bowler, so I don’t imagine them changing that a whole lot. I imagine them, because of the speed they have at linebacker and the physicality those guys bring to the game, I imagine those guys will keep the linebackers on him or one of the safeties. It’s very rare they’d put a corner on him just because Tony’s so physical it would be hard to put a corner on him because he’s get separation.”

Q: What do you think about Will Shields’ streak of appearances along the line?

GREEN: “You know, people talk a lot about Brett Farve’s streak and a number of different streaks, but for an interior lineman with the number of people falling on their legs or getting hit continually play after play, it’s a tremendous compliment to Will – not only what type of athlete and what type of person he is. It’s not like he’s just played 170-some-odd games straight, it’s that he’s been to nine Pro Bowls while doing that. That he’s done so with such consistency is unbelievable and that’s why you don’t see it very often.”

09-10-2004, 10:11 AM
Anyone get the impression that Trent isn't exactly happy with Johnny Morton?

09-10-2004, 10:19 AM
I'm not sure why Champ Bailey is considered to be that big of deal? He is a very good CB no doubt, but these writers act like Green has never faced a CB of Bailey's caliber. Green's played against Bailey before, he's played against Chris McCalister, he's played against Mike McKenzie, Charles Woodson, etc.

Bailey will make Denver's D better. But I don't get why Bailey is that big of question for these writers.

09-10-2004, 10:44 AM
I'm not sure why Champ Bailey is considered to be that big of deal? He is a very good CB no doubt, but these writers act like Green has never faced a CB of Bailey's caliber. Green's played against Bailey before, he's played against Chris McCalister, he's played against Mike McKenzie, Charles Woodson, etc.

Bailey will make Denver's D better. But I don't get why Bailey is that big of question for these writers.

Because when you have an "O" like Denver's, you'd better focus on the "D". :p