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09-10-2004, 10:51 PM
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Notes: Hall requests Randa's jersey
By Dick Kaegel / MLB.com

KANSAS CITY -- It was a Hall of Fame game.
The Royals uniform jersey that third baseman Joe Randa wore in Thursday's 26-5 victory over the Detroit Tigers has been requested by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, N.Y.

Randa became the first American League player to record six hits and score six runs in a game. He also was just the seventh Major Leaguer to score six runs in a nine-inning game.

So his No. 16 jersey is headed for Cooperstown.

"That's pretty cool. It's something to tell my kids," Randa said.

His total of 12 hits and runs was also the second-highest combined total in those categories. Johnny Burnett of the Cleveland Indians had 13 (nine hits, four runs) on July 10, 1932, and he had an 18-inning game in which to do it.

"I remember being at third base and I'd already scored five runs and I told (coach John) Mizerock, 'Rock, I've scored every time I've gotten on base today and something is telling me I'm to score again,'" Randa said. "I'm on third base with two outs and Dee Brown got jammed and the pitcher fell down and I ended up scoring. It was just a unique experience."

Randa had five singles and a double in the Royals' romp at Comerica Park, which included an 11-run third inning.

"Everything that could go right went right," Randa said. "You look up and down the lineup and everyone was driving in runs, everyone was getting on base. I didn't even look at the stats to see how many guys we left on base. How would we leave a lot of a guys on base?"

Well, surprisingly enough, there were nine runners left on base. The Royals not only set a club record with the 26 runs but also had a record 26 hits. They also received eight walks.

"We just got hit after hit after hit and kept playing station to station. Then we came up with a double, then we came up with homer and it was a very unique experience," Randa said. "And it was nice to be on the winning side of it."

The 26 runs was just three shy of the Major League record, 29 set by the Boston Braves against the St. Louis Cardinals on June 8, 1950, and by the Chicago White Sox against the Kansas City A's on April 23, 1955.

"You don't want to show up the other team, you don't want to put yourself in a position where somebody's going to get hit (by a pitch)," Randa said. "A lot of times we were on base and it just seemed like we were going station to station because we didn't want to press the issue. It was definitely a weird game, for sure."

And the day got weirder when the Royals were shut out in the second game by the Tigers, 8-0.

"We should have saved at least 10 of the runs for the second game. We would've won," he said.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, this was the third time in Major League history that a team scored 26 or more runs in a game and was shut out in its next game.

On Aug. 25, 1922, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Philadelphia Phillies, 26-23, and lost the next day, 3-0. In the previously mentioned 1955 game, the White Sox beat the K.C. A's, 29-6, then lost, 5-0, on April 24.

Among other things: The 26 runs were the most scored by a Major League team since April 19, 1996, as the Texas Rangers defeated the Baltimore Orioles 26-7.

* The AL record for most runs by two players in a game, 10, was matched by Randa's six plus four by, take your pick, Angel Berroa and David DeJesus. In that 1955 White Sox-A's game, Chico Carrasquel and Minnie Minoso each scored five runs for the Sox. On Sept. 2, 1902, Harry Bay and Bill Bradley each scored five runs for the Cleveland Indians against the Baltimore Orioles.

* The Royals became the second team this season to have every starting player to record a hit, RBI and run scored. The Tigers did it against the Indians on April 23.

* According to Stats, Inc., the winning pitchers in the doubleheader, the Royals' Zack Greinke, 20, and the Tigers' Jeremy Bonderman, 21, were the youngest twinbill twosome since Aug. 1, 1986. That's when the Rangers' Edwin Correa, 20, and Bobby Witt, 22, won in a sweep at Milwaukee. They were a combined 100 days younger than Greinke and Bonderman.

* The 13 consecutive batters reaching base in the 11-run inning tied an A.L. record set by the KC A's on April 21, 1955, against the White Sox.


Great dozen

Players with 12 or more combined hits and runs in a game since 1883.
AA: John Reilly, Cincinnati, Sept. 12, 1883 (6 hits, 6 runs)
AA: Guy Hecker, Louisville, Aug. 15, 1886 (6 hits, 7 runs)
NL: King Kelly, Boston, Aug. 27, 1887 (6 hits, 6 runs)
NL: Ginger Beaumont, Pittsburgh, July 22, 1899 (6 hits, 6 runs)
AL: Johnny Burnett, Cleveland, July 10, 1932, 18 innings (9 hits, 4 runs)
NL: Rennie Stennett, Pittsburgh, Sept. 16. 1975, (7 hits, 5 runs)
NL: Edgardo Alfonzo, New York, Aug. 30, 1999 (6 hits, 6 runs)
NL: Shawn Green, Los Angeles, May 23, 2002 (6 hits, 6 runs)
AL: Joe Randa, Kansas City, Sept. 9, 2004, game 1 (6 hits, 6 runs)

09-10-2004, 10:55 PM
Couldn't happen to a better guy. That was an awesome game for Joe and the Royals, scoring 26 runs off just 1 HR and the rest singles pretty much.

09-10-2004, 11:06 PM
Wow... cool. Good for him. I've always liked that guy.

09-11-2004, 05:58 AM
Pretty cool for Joe. He's a great guy.

Thig Lyfe
09-12-2004, 12:28 PM
At least there's one thing to remember about this season.

09-12-2004, 12:47 PM
At least there's one thing to remember about this season.

Unless you have amnesia.

09-12-2004, 12:49 PM
Or a lack of long-time memory.

Thig Lyfe
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Or a lack of long-time memory.


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Who in the hell is Joe Randa and WTF is he doing on my front page during gameday?