View Full Version : BBQ Battle of the Week?

09-16-2004, 02:30 PM


Carolina at Kansas City. Whether you like the Panthers or the Chiefs, whether you like your barbeque sauce sweet or spicy, as long as your tailgate is catered by Lexington #1 or Arthur Bryant's, everyone's a winner. Unfortunately for the teams on the field, one playoff contender will start the season 0-2.

The Panthers were out of their element in Week 1 -- their vaunted front four was pushed around by the Pack, and they quickly abandoned their patented running attack. Expect them to get back to plenty of Stephen Davis and DeShaun Foster against a porous KC run defensive, especially with top receiver Steve Smith out.

The Chiefs aren't much different than they were last year -- they need to win with offense and hope that the running of Priest Holmes can rest their defense enough so it can make a few key stops in the fourth quarter. It will do that this week, with a big assist from a 12th man named Arrowhead Stadium. Chiefs 31, Panthers 21.