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Joe Seahawk
09-16-2004, 11:00 PM
Bush Defends Strategy

President Bush took time out from his schedule on Thursday to defend his fantasy football strategy.
President Bush responded to mounting criticism about his fantasy football strategy today, stressing that patience is required in order to realize the benefits of the administration’s plan.
Criticism has come from both sides of the aisle – and has coincided with a drop in the president’s approval rating – after Bush took the injured Michael Vick with his first pick and then followed with a defensive player, Tampa Bay linebacker Derrick Brooks, in the second round.

Sen. John F. Kerry, a Democrat presidential candidate, said Bush’s early picks in the fantasy draft charted a course that will be nearly impossible to recover from. “The president’s strategy was based on poor data and stubbornness,” said Kerry. “You don’t take an injured player and a defensive player early in the draft. Selecting Vick was a huge gamble and Brooks – or any other top defender – would have been on the board several rounds later.”

But Bush and administration officials say the draft strategy is part of a long-term solution.

“The clear goal of this administration from day one was to select the best players available, regardless of injury or what side of the ball they’re on,” said Bush. “Michael Vick will be back this year and he will dominate. That cannot be denied. My fantasy team will not falter and it will prevail.”

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said drafting defense was high on the president’s list of priorities, which led to the selection of Brooks in the second round. “We wanted to take the best player available and Marshall Faulk, Priest Holmes, Kurt Warner and some of those other top offensive guys were already gone, so we went with Brooks. It’s not a decision we will back down from.”

But Bush’s “best player available” strategy leaves his team woefully short on high fantasy points producers, especially early in the season, say opponents.

“Bush is going to have his back-up quarterback in charge of his most important fantasy position until at least mid-season when Vick gets back,” said Sen. Tom Daschle of Tom Brady, who Bush took in the seventh round. “And regardless of how good Derrick Brooks is, defensive players do not produce many fantasy points. A sound policy holds on drafting defense until Round 10 or later.”

The complaints from Democrats on Bush’s handling of the fantasy draft have been matched by similar criticism from conservatives. Said Sen. John McCain: “While it is indeed possible that, with a little luck, Buch can get through this muddled draft and have some success, the real danger is that he will be so far behind early in the season that he won’t have time to make up lost ground once Vick gets back.”

Bush will head into Week One with Brady at starting quarterback, LaDainian Tomlinson and Travis Henry in the backfield, Plaxico Burress and Terrell Owens at wide receiver, Todd Heap at tight end, and Martin Gramatica at kicker.

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