View Full Version : My Fantasy Football Season is now officially over

09-19-2004, 01:15 PM
Welp, I must have angered the fantasy football gods. Stephen "walking injury" Davis lasted all of 9 carries this year. I'm in a 16 team league and retained Davis and McAllister. I didn't expect Davis to last the full season, but I expected more than 9 carries before he went out. I just hope he comes back after their bye next week. Sadly, the only thing that can salvage my season (I started 0-1, if I go 0-4 until Davis comes back, I'm sunk) is if Marshall Faulk gets hurt as I have Steven Jackson.

McAllister is finished for a while. I have already sent out the firesale email. I refuse to trade draft picks for next year, to win this year.In our league, nobody has a RB to spare anyhow. Since I will be Bitch of the Week and moved to 16th on the add/drop list, no way do I land Stecker to replace McAllister. Hopefully Joe Horn will land a high pick from somebody desperate for a wideout.

My team is....
(S) = starting

QB - Brett Favre (S)
QB - Tim Rattay
RB - Deuce McAllister (S)
RB - Steven Jackson (S)
RB - Stephen Davis (Out 2-5 weeks)
RB - Michael Pittman (Out 2 more weeks suspended)
RB - Troy Hambrick (Emmitt's bitch again)
WR - Joe Horn (S)
WR - Keyshawn Johnson (S)
WR - David Givens
TE - Daniel Graham (S)
TE - Dan Campbell
K - Adam Vinatieri (S)
K - Lawrence Tynes
D - Seattle (S)
D - Houston

1.5 games and my FFL season is over. Sigh