View Full Version : 1996 Chiefs Revisted in 2004.

09-19-2004, 01:50 PM
This makes me fuggin sick. The chiefs go 13-3 what the fvck do they do in the offseason? NOTHING! NOTHING? Yes. Nothing. Same as in 1996. You would think that CP might fuggin learn a thing or two in his 5 year plan. If it didnt work in 1996, why is it gonna work in 2004?

Man, we can not stop anyone on the run, our defense is a national joke across the land, sportscasters EVERYWHERE dog on us. We bring in only Gunther, the fvckin savior of all NFL defenses... right. I was big on Gun, but fvck, give the guy some talent.

Even if we pull this game out, we have given up over 150+ yards to a second string RB. We are pathetic. I can not get too exctied nor optimistic about this team's playoff chances. We CERTAINLY wont go to any superbowl anytime soon.

Johnnie Morton needs to be fvckin cut. Man, I hate this piece of fvckin shit. He wont go over the middle to make a catch, what a pussy. He holds on Holmes' longest run from scrimmage... He holds out of preseason, he drops baows, and is worthless. Yet, we dont go out in Free Agency to pick up someone to replace him.

Lamar Hunt is gonna die with an extra 6 million in his pocket and no Superbowl on his mantle.

What a joke. Chalk up this season, and lets get a high first round draft pick that we can waste on some fvckin idiot.

Man, it sucks sometimes being a chiefs fan... :cuss: :banghead: :cuss:

09-19-2004, 02:19 PM
well in hind sight... the 1996 chiefs started out 4-0... we started out 0-2... we finished 9-7 that year... I think 7-9 is our fate...

fwiw... not much. At least I didnt spend 2000 on Season tickets this year.