View Full Version : My 2 cents worth (if it is even worth that much)

09-19-2004, 03:25 PM
Offense -

Al Saunders has called to piss poor games in a row. I know he is not the one throwing, catching, and running the ball. I know he can not be held responsible for drops and bad passes, but for the most part the play calling sucks. Yes, this week we saw the play fake which is what I was screaming for through out last week's game. However, we once again failed to establish the run. You have one of, if not the, best backs in the league - USE HIM! Also, enough with the short pass plays. I want to see us going for ten yards per attempt. More screens to Priest would not hurt either.

Short of being burried in deep on the opponent's side of the field, DV needs to start going for it on 4th and short.

I hope Priest is alright.

Gonzales looked better today.

Morton was wide open on two plays! :eek: Other than that he still is not impressive.

I have been on the fence as far as picking up another receiver goes, but if Kennison is going to be out any length of time we need to pick someone up. I don't know who though.... (don't start on the McCardell bit, TB has to be willing to let him go, I don't see that happening)

Trent looked a little better today than he did last week, but not great, and no where near what we heard he was looking like in preseason. I hope he didn't peak too soon (a joke, sort of).

Welbourne seemed to be improved today. That is a plus to take away from this game.

Defense -

Just like last week I continue to see hope for this side of the ball. Aside from the start of the second half when they let Carolina chew up clock and field at a slow rate before scoring, a lot of their woes can be laid to rest at the feet of the offense. Short fields and short breathers are not helping a squad that is learning a new system. They looked good against the run at times. They got pressure on the QB several times as well. Tackling sucks donkey dick however. This needs to be addressed, quickly.

Dalton looked really good today.

Monty didn't look so good today. I won't say he regressed from the strides he made in the second half of last week's game, but he sure did not progress any.

McCleon looked early on like he was going to contribute to the run D, then returned to his old self.

Special Teams -

Coverage continues to be an issue.

Did Blaylock think he was still on offense and trying to catch a pass?

At least Tynes has the distance, now if we can just work on that accuracy.....