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09-20-2004, 08:46 AM
Here's the advance copy of this week's Doggity Report, to be posted this evening on my website at: http://www.georgeblowfish.com:

The Doggity Chiefs Report
Week 2 - 2004
Griefs vs Panthers, The Head, Kansas City, MO

From in front of the big TV downstairs. Thanks to the lovely Mr. and Mrs.
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Overview – The good news – the monkey is off their backs. Last season, the
Chiefs went ten games in that media pressure cooker – “Can they go
undefeated?” Aren’t we all glad we don’t have to deal with that this year?
Everyone in Kansas City is currently standing on ledges prepared to jump.
Not wanting to alarm anyone, I will demonstrate my restraint and leadership
by listening to kids read books. Better yet, I will give you the Dog’s fair
and balanced segment called “PANIC/DON’T PANIC” where we will look at the
reasons that give concern and reasons to have hope for the next 14 games. We
will start with the overview. PANIC – Teams rarely make the playoffs after
an 0-2 start, especially when one is a home game. The breakdowns are not
just on the maligned D unit. The high-powered scoring machine from last year
managed only 10 points at home, the other 7 coming from the defense. The
team looks tired and winded, and it’s only the second week – what will they
look like in December? The time to add players is past. It’s too late to get
quality help – they have what they have. The coaching decision-making is
suspect. The good choices made by Vermeil and Saunders last year are being
blown on game day this year. DON’T PANIC – Last year’s Super Bowl Champs,
the New England Patriots dropped their first game against division rival
Buffalo 31-0. In 2001, they dropped their first two on their way to winning
the Super Bowl; including only putting up 3 points in their home opener.
There are some things that have improved on KC’s defense, despite the
numbers. The quality of opponents has been a big issue, too. The Donkey’s
are always tough to play in Denver, and Carolina was four-points away from
being World Champs last year. Most team’s KC will face would be lucky to
have one Pro Bowler on defense, these two teams are stacked with the best
talent in the league.

Offense – PANIC – As this report has been harping, real problem is at
receiver. These guys can’t get open. It forces the line to hold rushers too
long, it allows single coverage so opponents can put seven or eight in the
box to shut down Priest. Even the reliable Tony Gonzalez appears more
hampered by his broken foot than he lets on. He was unable to get separation
even when single-covered by a linebacker. Johnnie Morton gets the “wussie”
award. On a couple of plays he was in a position to fight the defender for
the ball, but chose to avoid harming his good looks rather than make the
play. He needs to make a career choice – underwear model or NFL wideout.
Kennison came up with a bad hammie and now the load falls to rookie Richard
Smith and tiny Dante Hall. The offensive decision-making has been fuzzy, as
well. The Packers handed Saunders and Vermeil a gift-wrapped game plan
against the aggressive Panthers. Green Bay ran Ahman Green all night. KC
responds by throwing six consecutive passes to open the game. Then they have
a fourth and two feet with two minutes left in the half they run out the
rookie kicker rather than give the rock to Priest? Whazzup with that? DON’T
PANIC – Remember the #1 offense did not play together at all in camp and the
pre-season due to injuries at receiver. Trent’s timing with his wideouts
will improve. Also, there are a couple of nasty defenses left on the
schedule, namely Baltimore and New England, but the Chiefs have just seen
the toughest opponent they will face. And, just like last week, the offense
moved the ball well at times. Stupid penalties, dropped passes and blown
assignments occurred at critical times, like third down or in the red zone.
These are correctible – and I expect they will be corrected, after all this
team was fourth in the NFL in third-down efficiency and first in red-zone
scoring last season. In both of the last two matches, KC was very much in
the game until the last few minutes.

Defense – PANIC – How many more mediocre running backs get to have their
breakout game against Kansas City. At the end of last season, Onterrio
Smith, Rudi Johnson, Shawn Bryson all got their first career 100-yard games
against the Chiefs. In two games, Quentin Griffin and DeShaun Foster have
lost their century virginity. Carolina lined up a rookie wideout, a
journeyman runner, who in five years in the league had never been more than
a “change up”, and an offensive line that only retained one starter from the
Super Bowl. It was second-year QB Delhomme’s first start at the vaunted
“Arrowhead” (insert boot-quaking here). Both of their leading position
players were out with injuries. For the second straight game third down
stops eluded the Chiefs defense. DON’T PANIC – The major rushing yardage
given up by the Chiefs this year has been on two big runs. Both were simple,
straight forward lead plays. The defense stopped that play more often this
season than last. In yesterday’s game, it was stuffed for a loss three times
before Shawn Barber and Monty Beisel over ran it just once – and Foster
broke it for 71 yards. Starting Beisel at middle linebacker would be like
deciding to start Eddie Kennison at quarterback. This is the toughest
position to play on defense – very much like the defensive QB. Beisel has
never played it at any level. He was a defensive end in high school and
college and a backup outside linebacker in the pros. He will get better. His
play has been superb at times – better than Kawika Mitchell last year. This
defense is better than last year. Stop laughing! I know the numbers aren’t
there yet, but there is more push by the line. The best front four
performances have been by Lionel Dalton and Jared Allen. Junior Siavii has
occasionally looked good, as well. The real change in this team has been the
play of Eric Warfield. A guy the Dog has ridden like a circus pony the past
two seasons has had the best games of his career the past two weeks.

Special Teams – Steve Cheek continues to show that he was the right choice
for punter. His kicks are deep and consistently hang more than 4.5 seconds.
If they hired Tynes for field position, they got their money’s worth, but he
is not the guy to give you points when you need them that Anderson was. The
kick cover units looked sloppy. Typical was the special bus, bone-head play
of the day by Derrick Blaylock. Cheek blasted a kick that would have landed
about the 5. The fool Carolina returner actually signaled for a fair catch.
Blaylock apparently thought he was going to get out of the way and let it go
into the endzone. Derrick slammed into him – turning an outstanding
coffin-corner punt play into a dumb penalty and decent field position. Dante
Hall again had no help. The blocking was spotty, and Hall was forced to
“fair catch” on a couple of kicks when both flyers broke their blocks.

The AFC West –
KC Griefs – Another ugly spanking. Is it too early to start hoping for a
good draft pick and a weak schedule in 2005?

Denver Donkeys – Jake the Joke showed why the Donkeys aren’t all that. This
just in from Canton, OH – construction work has been temporarily halted on
Quentin Griffin’s bronze bust.

East Bay Convicts – Squeaked out a win at home against the impotent Bills.
Raider nation must be proud today.

San Diego Bolts – Garbage stats are great for you guys with Tomlinson on
your fantasy teams, but Marty’s Bolts still don’t scare anybody.

Throw Him A Bone Award –
Got to do it. Eric Warfield matched Priest Holmes in scoring! Two picks, one
for a TD is good enough for CBFKAT (cornerback formerly known as Toasty) to
get the bone for this game.

The Doggity Dog –
The Dog had many to choose from. Oh! Dexter! McCleon was bonged like a ‘Gong
Show’ contestant by a rookie wideout making his first start. That might have
been enough to garner the doghouse, but when he started crying like a school
girl and inexcusably removed his hat, it sealed the deal. Dexter gets his
nose rubbed in this one.

Tailgate Recipe of the Week -
This week – all the way from the home of Kodak, Rochester, NY is my good
friend Eyedoc’s “Easy Quesadillas”.

1 block of cream cheese
16 oz. jar of salsa (drain excess liquid)
4.5 oz can of chopped green chilies (optional)
8-10 tortilla rounds (soft flour)
8 oz. shredded "taco" cheese (usually Colby or Cheddar mixed with Monterrey

In a bowl, mix cream cheese, salsa and chilies until blended. Use this
mixture to spread thinly between layers of tortillas. It will be enough to
fill one or two 4-layer quesadillas. Top with shredded taco cheese. Bake
15-20 min. at 400ş until cheese is melted. Cut into pie-shaped wedges.

Next week –
Our old-school Texans host the new-look Texans. Hey! A team we may be able
to beat!

Your faithful scribe,
Mr. Doggity