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09-20-2004, 02:49 PM
First off, I didn't get to see the game yesterday, had to listen on the internet. So All I got from yesterdays game is from mitch and lenny and what i saw from the highlights.

At the current state of our offense and with the injuries at WR, we need to come to the realization that we can't count on the passing game being as effecitve as it was last year. The one thing we are now, that we were last year, is an offense that can run the football. We have the best Oline, TE, RB, and FB in football. Run the damn football and play action pass. Use the players to the best of their abilities. It took until the 3rd game in '01 against the redskins for Saunders to pull his head out of his ass and realize they had WR problems and the best way to compete to win football games was to give the ball to Priest Holmes. Again and again and again. Get Dante his touches and get back to some screens, draws, etc. We just need to scale back the playbook some for the time being. Our offensive tackles are having trouble with pass protection. Let them do what every offensive lineman in football loves. RUN BLOCK. Grind up some clock and keep the defense off the field.

As bad as the defense is playing, they are getting better. In two games there has been more aggressive physical play, more penatration and tackles for loss, pressure and turnovers, then there has been in 3 years. We still have problems with tackling, big plays, and 3rd down defense. The day Gunther was hired at his press conference, he spent quite a bit of time talking about this "Chuck Cecil Tackling Drill" That Chuck taught him while he was in Tennessee. This was suppossed to be an effective drill there since you can only practice full pads once a week and have to shy away from contact. Sure as hell isn't working here.

Our coverage units on special teams are still too inconsistant. We have two new young kickers who are going to struggle from time to time but have done a nice job so far. We have 2 special teams coaches for chrissakes and a third if you count DV who spends more time than anyone in the league practicing special teams. Get it fixed.

09-20-2004, 02:55 PM
Get it fixed.

Damn right. :thumb: