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Lord Bestyle
09-20-2004, 05:10 PM
From Marv Levy, a guy whose team lost four straight Super Bowls. If he can be optimistic... :rolleyes:


Wail to the Chiefs?

The biggest surprise so far this young season might be the Chiefs, who have started the year 0-2. They lost to a darn good team in the Panthers, who were clearly more focused after their loss a week ago, and they lost to a good Denver team in Week 1. Are they bitter and hurt following these losses? No -- this is a good team that's well coached. Dick Vermeil and his troops are looking at a steep hill, but don't write these guys off.

See, that's the beauty (if there is any beauty) in losing your two first games. At worst, they'll be two games out of first place. That's cause for some concern, but the season's so far from over. Because of the veteran leaders on this team, the Chiefs can look at themselves in the mirror, recognize that they're 0-2 and get to work. They play Houston at home in Week 3, and as much as I admire Dom Capers and his team, I'd sure hate to be the Texans heading into Arrowhead Stadium against a determined Kansas City bunch. This was their first regular-season loss at home since October 2002.

09-20-2004, 05:35 PM
I really hope to see them bounce back. I know they have what it takes to be superbowl contenders, now if they would just harden their play and not be like little bitches, they will start winning.