View Full Version : Big Plays

09-21-2004, 07:47 AM
Ivan Carter was just on 610 talking about Warfield and how Denver and Carolina have avoided him. This goes right back the all of the big plays going to the other side of the field. All of the Rod Smith first down plays were to the right, all of the big runs were to the right, all of the successful bootlegs were to the right and the near miss on the long pass Sunday was to the right.

Browning is a start at improving that side of the field but will Bartee help. Being a former Safety should make him better in run support but will we pay in the passing game? Can Barber turn it around and start making plays or will Fox eventually get a chance (doubtful)?

Maybe we need to cheat everyone over a couple of feet a dare teams to come to our left. :hmmm: