View Full Version : Raiders' players are classless morons!

10-08-2000, 06:40 PM
Several times today during the game a Faiduh would make a hit and talk, push, or taunt the 49ers. I know it's football and it's supposed to be violent, but do they have to be disrespectful on EVERY play. Man, I hope we CRUSH these thugs!!!


10-08-2000, 06:45 PM
Don't forget their 2 Personal Fouls for late hits on the QB.

10-08-2000, 07:16 PM
Oh! Those Raiders are such meanies and they hit people and everything! And then they push people and win games and they are first in their division! And they are nasty guys and they have the 2nd best record in the AFC and its not fair! And they're not nice and...

10-08-2000, 07:20 PM
UD - Lets just hope our game next week does not come down to 40+ yard field goals, cause who knows if either Kicker can make one.

10-08-2000, 07:47 PM
Morph....Don't talk about field goals just yet. I'm trying to come up with some kinda "he's young'" or "learning curve" explanation for my boy Kowski's FG record. I'll get back to you on this when I think up a good excuse.....

10-09-2000, 06:20 AM

There are no excuses for any of the raiders. They are made along the same lines as their owner. (the only reason he always wears white is to cover up his black heart!)

The raiders have always been the dirtiest team in the NFL, probably will be. A decent man that becomes a raider quickly turns in to the same dirt you have with the rest of the team.

Most of the time they go after dirt to begin with, I hate to pick on Rison 'cause he started to become civilized while in KC. The last year there must have been some Al Davis influence to drive him back to the low life ways.

UD.......go away........just go away

Nuc'em all and let those who remain sort them out!

Lurker Brett
10-09-2000, 06:24 AM
Hey you guys take it easy on that #1 pick, I hit a parlay card yesterday because of him (twice). I had given 4, and actually would have rather lost the parlay, than watch them win. I vow never to do it again. Please forgive the financial moment of weakness.

10-09-2000, 07:53 AM
Oh, r8er_h8er. You are a true hardcore fan. Anyone that considers Albert Lewis and Marcus Allen to be dirt certainly has a brightly burning fire.<BR>

10-09-2000, 08:04 AM
How about the class of their HC Jon Gruden? Whenever I see him jumping around like a ballerina after a winning a game in OT against a team he should have dominated, there is no doubt in my mind who sets the tone for class on that team. Gruden may be the brightest young HC in the NFL, but he needs to learn to win or lose with dignity.

10-09-2000, 08:29 AM
Chucky is wound pretty tight. Starts work about 3 AM, lives and breathes football. Scopes out all activity on the field with an intense and evil eye. He's like a spring tightly coiled, and when the pressure is off he just explodes. Maybe age and experience will eventually bring some control, but I dunno....

Touchdown Ted
10-12-2000, 11:41 AM
Yep!! We sure are!
All through history Al has hired some of the meanest,nastyiest,dirtest,thug's,thief's and reprobates to get the job done.And for his apparent fondness of bad boys he PROUDLY wears 3...count em' 3 Super Bowl rings...and currantly resides the top of the AFC west,which I believe means that nice guy's dont finish first.........


................GO RAIDERS

10-12-2000, 12:33 PM
And it's your "me-first - just win baby - end justifies the means" attitude, that makes this country the amoral cesspool that it is today.

Most of you Raiders fans would be equally at home in cave eating raw meat...

ChiefsPlanet Administrator
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10-12-2000, 01:03 PM
Too funny....

An organization that has recently produced:

1) A RB that padded his IRA with the sale of pot.

2) A WR that ran his own "car repo" business to subsidize the RB.

3) A WR who kited checks while in YOUR uniform.

4) The owners son who is a pedophile.

Yeah KC is in the position to judge any body.

PG... I guess you just glossed over all the yappng Norton and Owens were doing huh?... Its part of the game.... get over it.

~going back to the cave to finish my meat now.

10-12-2000, 01:12 PM
Point of Information, Hboy, a total of ZERO of those players are NOW with the Chiefs. Once we found out, GONE!!! How many are with the Faiders? (Remember 1>0!)


Desert Chief
10-12-2000, 01:15 PM
The Broncos ***** slapped the Raiders at home. 'Nough said. The Chiefs will have this one in the bag by half time.

10-12-2000, 02:07 PM
Point of information Pitt, exactly what indescretion has Rison done IN a Raider uni?..
I am far from a Dre fan, but he has done what has been asked of him in Oakland. We knew of his rep as did Peterson know of Bams and Vanover.

I could really care less of the thug perception. The reality is football is a violent game played by violent, aggressive men.... If a player can talk and back that talk up, more power to him.... Jordan did it, Bird did it, Namath did it and now Sapp does it....

Theres a football adage that goes football players should be Ag-ile, Mo-bile and Hos-tile.... there is no cor-dial in there....

Gracie Dean
10-12-2000, 02:25 PM
Lamar's son is NOT a pedophile. He had sexual relations with that woman, his retarded sister-in-law. However, she was of age. Question his judgement & scruples all day long, however, he didn't molest a youngster.....

Also, you've forgotten some of the other alleged crimes Rison has committed and you've left Dale Carter out.

10-12-2000, 02:46 PM

Bam came to KC with a reputation, and a criminal record.

Rison came to Oakland with a reputation, and CHARGES PENDING

Spin it anyway you like, but you can't escape it.

Just win baby!

PS: How dare you EVER use Jordan or Bird in the same topic as Rison. There's ABSOLUTELY no comparison...

ChiefsPlanet Administrator
Jimmy Raye for President...anything to get him out of Kansas City
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10-12-2000, 03:02 PM

How DARE I? A little condescending there huh? Maybe you should reread everything... NOWHERE did I compare Rison to Bird/Jordan etc..

Two seperate subjects:
1)Rison's criminal activities while a Raider. Bams etc..

2)Complains about trashtalking and backing it up hence the Bird & Jordan references.

Charges pending yes.... conviction no... innocent till proven guilty, remember?

10-12-2000, 03:29 PM
Innocent until proven guilty? Sure, I believe that, especially in cases where you rely on witness testimony.

But since they have pieces of paper called checks in this case, I find it hard to give Brock the benefit of the doubt.

ChiefsPlanet Administrator
Jimmy Raye for President...anything to get him out of Kansas City
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10-12-2000, 05:40 PM
What do ya want em to do??? curtsy after a sack?? This is Football!! As for penalties, when a player commits a foul, the team is penalized....then it's over and back to the game.

Jon Gruden has cleaned out all the bad attitudes from this team. Pushed Chester "the Cancer" McClockton off on you.
I've never seen a "team" that quibbles and fights amongst itself as much as your misfits. You don't have a team, you have a feild of individuals.
As far as the owners son, most of these types of behavior are learned at home.

BTW- I see I'm not the only Raider fan who stops in here. How's the Raider Nation of this board doing?? Anybody from "The Gate"?


10-13-2000, 07:37 AM
John Gruden, this, John Gruden, that...

Whatever...like he has any say...

Al is in charge there, and the bad attitudes are gone?

What about Brock?

ChiefsPlanet Administrator
Jimmy Raye for President...anything to get him out of Kansas City
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10-13-2000, 09:27 AM
Ref #10,

"and currantly resides the top of the AFC west,which I believe means that nice guy's dont finish first........."

Man I wish I had a $50 for everytime that happened, course we have to count MIDSEASON records, not year records right?


10-13-2000, 11:28 AM
That's right....Jon Gruden. The man is good. Still makes young mistakes but time will cure that. If I had a coach named Gunther, I wouldn't be talking so much. The guy is just a quitter.
GruDog has plenty of say. Now, I'm not stupid, I know Al still has his hands on the team but he seems to be allowing Gruden full range.
Attitudes.... yes, They're gone. This is a TEAM.
Brock? What's a Brock?


10-13-2000, 12:10 PM

HB, Corporate, those guys at least know their stuff. I can respect that. You're either horribly misinformed, or an idiot.

I'll dismiss your comment about Gunther. 12 year olds generally make fun of people's names. And GruDog? Do you go drinking with the guy? Is he one of your "homies"? Give it a rest. You don't know anymore about John Gruden than anybody else around here, and concensus around the league is that he is a good coach with a bad temper. Lots of people hope he will outgrow that, and for good reason.

TEAM? Did you not read what TIM BROWN, the best player on your TEAM, said about Andre Ris...err, Brock Middlebrook? I guess people with charges pending aren't considered problems in Raiduh-land...

ChiefsPlanet Administrator
Jimmy Raye for President...anything to get him out of Kansas City
[i]More Moreau</I>

10-13-2000, 12:15 PM
Mad Dork...

What in the h@!! are you saying? If you are going to talk football, at least come with some fact or reasonable oppinion..

Gunther and the boys are going to send your b!TCH@$$ team home with their tails between their legs....your @$$e$ will be handed to you.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you aren't ignorant...I'll just blame it on a cronic case of cranial-rectal inversion...cuts off O2 and limits your normal thought process.....but I guess a faiduh fan can't help it...

10-13-2000, 01:46 PM
Exactly WHAT did Gunther quit? Are you referring to the fact that he quit allowing criminals to represent our team? Maybe you are speaking to the fact that he quit acting like a child at the age of six. (Grudog has still has some growing up to do) You tell me!


10-13-2000, 03:07 PM
I think he means he QUIT letting ol' Bad Check Rison lose games for us... is that what ya' meant MadStork???

10-13-2000, 03:47 PM
Well there is always hope.

Perhaps with a nose to the grindstone attitude.
Some special government funded classes.
A dash of holy water.
A prayer from the Mahatma, and a great deal of time, then maybe, just maybe they could become classy morons.

10-13-2000, 05:33 PM
Htismaqe- 1st off.... on Gunther... I wasn't trying to bash his name, although, I can see by the way I wrote it you might think so. I was just trying to refer to the fact that he stated, after only one game, the possiblity of his quitting his post.

what the hell is wrong with "Grudog"?? You act like I'm the only person who ever gave a guy a nickname. Also, your acting like a pompus *** with your drinking and "homie" questions. And I'm sure every team in the league called you personally to give you their take on Gruden. Like I said before, the guy gets a little emotional. So what? Is he the only one? I think not. Did you ever see Bill Cohwer(?) of Pittsburgh?

Finally, ..... Yes...TEAM. And no, apparently I missed a comment by T.Brown. Care to inform me on what it was?

Oops...one more thing. And I hope I'm not jumping the gun here but.....
Why is it every board has someone like you, who thinks he knows more about everything than everyone else? Who tries to make himself look like a big man by trying to make others look bad? Get off your high horse and just answer the question next time. Ok, Great one?


10-13-2000, 05:44 PM
WOW!!! MadDork!! you thought that up all by yourself!!?? I've never heard that comment before! Well, at least not since grammer school.
As far as telling me to talk football with fact or reasonable opinion, I wouldn't really consider:
"Gunther and the boys are going to send your b!TCH@$$ team home with their tails between their legs....your @$$e$ will be handed to you."
as a sign of intellect. But, then again, maybe it is here in KC.

Anyway, do us both a favor.... unless you have something useful to say to me.......shaddup!!


10-13-2000, 05:48 PM
Monkey and 74 - What I was talking about.... once again.... was the fact that after an entire training camp of in-fighting like children and after your 1st loss, Gunther almost walked out on this sorry group of losers you call the Cheifs.

Got it now?


10-13-2000, 06:30 PM

Actually mr Intellect, I decided to maintain a dialog that I thought you could have one of your daddies interpret. In order for that to happen, I knew that I would need to maintain a sub 8th grade reading level yo grudog...know what i sayin'.

I knew that a faiduh fan would probably have trouble interpreting adult dialog. So take your jokeland faiduh @$$ downtown, cash yo welfare check, and see if your mama will give you a discount..

In simple terms *F* you.

to quote a great movie, "Private Pile, you disgusting fatbody, get the F*** off of my obstacle!"

Baby Lee
10-13-2000, 06:40 PM
I don't care what he says, I thought mad dork was rather appropriate for his intellectual level. Grammer school, is it?

10-13-2000, 06:41 PM
The experts on "Inside the NFL" pick Chiefs to beat Oakland...then there's Dan Marino...continuing to piss Chiefs fans off.

A Chiefs/Royals/Jayhawks Fan Living Where Cowboys/Rangers/Longhorns Fans Live...Help!

Baby Lee
10-13-2000, 06:49 PM
Is it me, or did Marino look like he was REALLY working hard to read the teleprompter?

10-13-2000, 07:16 PM
yep...Marino is trying harder to forget the SB he never went to (as a Dolphin). I bet its tough, since there were so many SB games played in Miami

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10-13-2000, 09:52 PM
Mad, listen I teach concepts of logic in my classroom and will provide a simple lesson to you free of tuition. Gun NEVER quit as the head coach of the Chiefs. Therefore, he is NOT a quitter in that regard. It's really that easy. So, once again, what DID he quit?


10-14-2000, 12:58 PM
Pitt- Ok... so you got me there. He didn't actually quit as Head coach. But, you gotta admit, even saying he might after only one game was pretty weak.
Oh... and thanks for having a little class in returning my smack. Some of the "kids" here are still resorting to the same old, lame old, weak a s s "your mama is on welfare" and "crack-smoking trailer trash" type smack. I mean really...how many times can you rewrite the same thing.

I came here, believe it or not, to talk football. KC/Oak football. As in tommorrow's game. But, it seems some here aren't capable of doing that.