View Full Version : Peterson Sounds Like He's Resigning

10-15-2000, 04:13 PM
No...not that Peterson.

"I hit it straight (the missed field goal) and it felt real good. I guess that I just missed it that little bit. We looked at it afterwards and we didn't see anything that had gone wrong. It was just off. The bottom line is that we need it and it was a miss. That's why we lost by three points. You've got to make that kick."

"They (the Chiefs) were excited that I was available and I was excited that they wanted me. It's a great organization and a great team. I'm excited that they gave me the opportunity to play here."

Probably not, but Bob Dole found the tense of the last sentence interesting. (Plus, Bob Dole got to get Ken all worked up with the subject line.)<P>