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View Poll Results: Brady Quinn vs Bucs
He will suck ass 40 15.15%
He will be good 40 15.15%
Whatever he does, he'll be better than Cassel.
#1 Bronco's Fan, 007, 1ChiefsDan, A Salt Weapon, alanm, alnorth, AMDChief, ArrowheadHawk, Assud, Austin Ed, AustinChief, baitism, Bane, beach tribe, bench_cassel, Big Chief Homer, BigMeatballDave, Blick, BoneKrusher, boogblaster, Brock, brorth, bsp4444, Bump, Cannibal, Canofbier, ceebz, Ceej, Cephalic Trauma, Chest Rockwell, Chief Roundup, Chief3188, Chiefaholic, ChiefEd, ChiefsLV, chiefzilla1501, Chief_For_Life58, cjp27, COchief, cookster50, corandval, cosmo20002, Crotch Critter, Crush, DaBluntman, DaFace, dannybcaitlyn, Dante84, Dawson4004, deadbabyseal, digger, Digital Takawira, dilligaf, Discuss Thrower, dixiecup, DJ's left nut, dmahurin, donkhater, DonkyPuncher, Dr. Facebook Fever, DRU, durtyrute, Easy 6, Ebolapox, ElGringo, ExtremeChief, farmerchief, Fat Elvis, Fezzic, Flachief58, ForeverChiefs58, Fritz88, Gary, Ghost of Maslowski, Great Expectations, Hays, headsnap, HemiEd, Hog Farmer, hometeam, Hound333, Huffman83, HuskerPower, IratePrimate, Javabean, Jive Ass, jjjayb, JPSPOOTY, jspchief, Kanesville, kappa72202, KC Jones, kc1977, KCDC, KChiefer, Kclee, kcmecker, KCrockaholic, KILLER_CLOWN, KS Smitty, kysirsoze, La literatura, Lbedrock1, LOCOChief, Lonewolf Ed, Lono, loochy, Lzen, Macroach, Malcor, Marcellus, MeatRock, MichaelH, michaelj_58, mnchiefsguy, Molitoth, Mr. Flopnuts, MrNightly, MTG#10, Munson, notorious, nstygma, Nubian Nut, NY CHIEF, O.city, Oso, OzarksChiefsFan, Papi, patteeu, petegz28, phillip, Pilsner, PRIEST, Priest31kc, pr_capone, Psyko Tek, Radar Chief, rageeumr, Rausch, Reaper16, Red Beans, RedDread, redhed, reschief, ReynardMuldrake, rico, RINGLEADER, Rooster, ROYC75, rtmike, SaltyDog, Sanka, saphojunkie, sel1965, Seraphim, Sfeihc, Shag, Simplicity, SLAG, Slainte, Smed1065, Sorter, splatbass, Stanley Nickels, steelyeyed57, suds79, teedubya, TEX, TheGuardian, themule, TheSourceX1, thurman merman, tonyetony, track, TrebMaxx, Two-Twenty, UberSparky, Ultra Peanut, warpaint*, warrior, WhiteWhale, whoman69, Whosurdaddy
184 69.70%
Voters: 264.

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