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View Poll Results: I will only be happy if Andy Reid selects...
A QB with the 1st pick of the draft
-King-, 13and3, 1ChiefsDan, 30yr fan, 58-4ever, 65TPT, Ace Gunner, AdumbGuy, AJKCFAN, Armyofme, ArrowheadHawk, arrowheadnation, AussieChiefsFan, Barret, Bewbies, BigCatDaddy, BigChiefFan, bigjosh006, BigRedChief, BossChief, bowener, Bowser, Buckweath, Buehler445, Bugeater, Bump, CaliforniaChief, candyman, Canofbier, Ceej, Chief3188, ChiefGator, ChiefMojo, ChiefRocka, Chiefs geno, Chiefs Pantalones, chiefs1111, Chiefs=Good, ChiefsCountry, Chief_For_Life58, Chris Meck, Chromeo, cmh6476, corandval, dannybcaitlyn, Dave Lane, Dawson4004, DMAC, dmahurin, DonkyPuncher, druthompson, Dunerdr, Ebolapox, Ecto-I, El Jefe, Exoter175, ForeverChiefs58, Fritz88, ghak99, go bo, Gracie Dean, Great Expectations, Harbinger, HemiEd, HighChief, hometeam, htismaqe, Inmem58, IratePrimate, Iron Chef, JASONSAUTO, Jerm, Jive Ass, Jobomb, JoeyChuckles, KC native, KC Tattoo, KCFalcon59, KCFaninSEA, KCrockaholic, KCUnited, kcxiv, KILLER_CLOWN, Lex Luthor, Loneiguana, Malcor, mcaj22, mdchiefsfan, MGRS13, Micjones, mightyphoenix1, milkshock, MITCH, Mizzou_8541, Molitoth, MoreLemonPledge, Mr. Flopnuts, Nightfyre, NIUhuskies, NJChiefsFan, noa, Nubian Nut, O.city, Oso, Pasta Giant Meatball, Pestilence, PHOG, prhom, Priest31kc, Radar Chief, Raiderhader, Rain Man, RealSNR, Reaper16, Red Beans, Red Brooklyn, RedandGold, REDHOTGTO, Reerun_KC, ReynardMuldrake, Richard_Cuckold, rico, ROYC75, royr17, RUSH, RustShack, Saccopoo, Sanka, saphojunkie, Saul Good, Scorp, Scrawny Armed Alex Smith, seaofred, Setsuna, Shag, shorman22, Shox, slapnutz_4, SnakeXJones, Sofa King, spanky 52, Spott, Stanley Nickels, Steron, Straight, No Chaser, Strongside, suds79, Sure-Oz, The Iron Chief, TheGuardian, Three7s, thurman merman, Toad, Tribal Warfare, TribalElder, tyler360, unlurking, Unsmooth-Moment, UTChief, warpaint*, wazu, whoman69, wolfpack, Wumbology, WV, Wyatt Earp
167 48.69%
Trades back and selects a QB in the 1st round 39 11.37%
A QB in the 2nd round of the draft 17 4.96%
A QB in the mid to late rounds of the draft 2 0.58%
A free agent, or trade from another team at QB 10 2.92%
Michael Vick 7 2.04%
Kevin Kolb 2 0.58%
He's Andy ****ing Reid. He knows more than I do. Whoever he takes, I'm good. 94 27.41%
Gaz loves defense, but I want him to select our QB 5 1.46%
Voters: 343.

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