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View Poll Results: What do you do in Syria, Congressman?
Do nothing, including no attempts to diplomatically resolve the issue or provide aid. 23 47.92%
Step up humanitarian aid to Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon. 14 29.17%
Keep working for a diplomatic solution with Assad, a rebel alliance, Russia/China, the UN, and/or the Arab League. 14 29.17%
Targeted strikes against Assad weapons compounds. 6 12.50%
Targeted strikes against Assad troops and/or Assad himself. 4 8.33%
Enforcing a no-fly zone over rebel-held areas. 1 2.08%
Enforcing a no-fly zone over all Syrian airspace, as in Libya. 4 8.33%
Planting warships off coast to prevent Assad's military logistical assistance, as in Libya. 3 6.25%
Provide scant training and weaponry to rebels. 3 6.25%
Provide full-scale training and weaponry to rebels. 1 2.08%
Desert-storm style ground invasion to drive back Assad and neuter his forces, but with no regime change. 0 0%
2003 Iraq War style ground invasion to overthrow Assad and occupy the country during the regime change. 0 0%
Help Assad defeat the rebels. 1 2.08%
Set a cut-off end date for any of the above assistance I've approved. 3 6.25%
Send in a robot army of Gaz. 9 18.75%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 48.

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