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DoubleWannaB 10-06-2000 02:52 PM

he'll get a slap on the wrist as far as the courts are concerned but he may be through in hockey....

I can't wait for November 9...that's the day Rison gets sentenced on his felony theft conviction...


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Joe Seahawk 10-06-2000 04:22 PM

I don't think his days in hockey are over. Why do you think that? Living out here in AZ and knowing how close he and Gretzky are I wouldn't be surprised to see him playing for the 'yotes in the upcoming weeks. Phoenix needs an enforcer and someone to help keep Keith T. and Jeremy R. out of the old sin bin this year.

As an attorney, and former prosecutor, I'm not sure what he did should be handled by the courts. While his actions were very disturbing, I think the commissioner shoud handle it...


AustinChief 10-06-2000 10:25 PM


If McSorley is guilty then any Football player who commits a 15 yard personal foul should be charged as well. And more than 75% of all hockey players should be behind bars.....

More idiots making laws with their hearts instead of using their minds.

ColoradoChief 10-07-2000 05:40 AM

I'm not a hockey fan, but I agree that law enforcemet and the courts should not have stepped into this, unless the NHL had done nothing. The NHL responded to act quickly, handing down a pretty stiff fine and suspension. McSorley can seek reinstatement next week, and I would be surprised to see him be reinstated this soon.
What's next on the dockett? Assault charges against Pedro Martinez for plunking a batter?


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The_Grand_Illusion 10-07-2000 08:04 AM

If he does come back to hockey, don't you think this whole thing will make him very hesitant? I'm sure he has played hockey for a long time and has hit people with his stick thousands of times, just never in the head. If he did just "overswing" as I believe he basically said, won't he be a little iffy at the trigger now especially considering his goon role? I for one don't think i would be so gung ho about swinging my stick around or even laying into somoen real good if I thought even for a second that I would get all of the punishment that McSorley has seen.

This now sets a precedent that if you do something to hurt a person on the field of play you could be looking at a court appearance. I guess Butkus and Bednarik and the like would have been in prison long ago if they played in this day and age.

ColoradoChief 10-07-2000 08:16 AM

I don't buy it. I think McSorley was going for the head, and the shoulder just got in the way. That is the reason that they had to replay the tape in slomo to show that the stick just slightly glanced off the shoulder. Couldn't see it in real time.


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ck_IN 10-07-2000 08:44 AM

Cheap shot from behind. What if Brashear would've cracked his skull open on the ice? Athlete's are WAY too pampered, especially in society.

What would happen to you or I if we assaulted someone with a bat to the head?

I don't care how good he is, he should be banned, at least for the season.

AustinChief 10-07-2000 10:29 AM

Stevie - WHile I agree with you that the commissioner and McSorley's team should look into the incident - this case has no reason to be in court.

Fact is that Brashear himself is on his team merely to be an enforcer (get others off the ice through instigation or injury). He cant skate worth a darn and he sure cant shoot. He is no better than McSorley.

If you want to remove the violence (which I am not sure that I do) then do it across the board, not just one news high profile player

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