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OnTheWarpath15 01-01-2008 09:41 PM

From KSK: CP: Expand the playoff field to 28 teams

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Mister Commissioner, after seeing the Cleveland Browns eliminated from postseason play despite a very good 10-6 record, I think itís time to re-evaluate how our playoff field is set. This is a long, hard season. These men fight tooth and nail for 16 weeks. Why should some teams be rewarded with playoff slots merely because they have the good fortune of residing in an inferior conference? And why should some teams be denied entrance merely because they are inferior?

This is why I think itís best for the competitive interests of the game if we were to expand the playoff field to 28 teams. Now, Iím not saying this because the team I run, the Kansas City Chiefs, would qualify as the 28th seed in such a scenario. Far from it. Although we did have an EXCELLENT season given the circumstances. Donít listen to the swarm of negativity out there, Commissioner. We have a great core of players, and Iím quite sure every personnel move I made was the exact right one and will be validated sometime within the next 37 years. No doubt about that.

No, I want to expand the field to 28 teams because itís in the best interests of the fans. Havenít Lion fans suffered long enough? 7-9 is a really good record for that team. They should be in. The Ravens nearly beat the Patriots! Are you telling me they donít deserve a bid? Thatís foolish. And what about the Falcons? After all theyíve been through? Surely they deserve a spot.

Now, not everyone should get into the playoffs. Like the Dolphins. **** them. Or the Rams. **** them. They totally suck. Iím all for only the elite teams making the postseason. And since I am among the elite general managers in all of sport, surely my team should be included as well. Doesnít that make sense to you? WE HAVE JARED ****ING ALLEN! THATíS A PLAYOFF PLAYER RIGHT THERE!

I also think we should all get postseason bye weeks. Why should only the best teams get a week off? Thatís an unfair competitive advantage. No, no, no. Everyone should get a week off. Then the top 4 teams get another bye, then the remaining 24 teams play each other. I think thatís really the best way to go. Though I think, given the Chiefsí heritage and everything Lamar Hunt has done for the league, that perhaps we should receive one of those byes as well. Again, this is strictly in the interests of the fans. This is a better league when the Chiefs do well, even when they do not.

So letís make that happen, Mr. Commissioner. Otherwise, Iíll have a hard time convincing people Iím not a complete ****head.

OnTheWarpath15 01-01-2008 09:56 PM

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What a douchnozzle.

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