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CrazyPhuD 02-14-2013 12:02 AM

Freakonomics podcast about How to think about guns
Interesting observations about arguments about guns.

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Direckshun 02-14-2013 12:05 AM

I really enjoy Freakonomics, but perhaps you could share the highlights in case somebody has an extremely bad-ass music album on and wishes not to pause it.

CrazyPhuD 02-14-2013 12:29 AM


Originally Posted by Direckshun (Post 9401777)
I really enjoy Freakonomics, but perhaps you could share the highlights in case somebody has an extremely bad-ass music album on and wishes not to pause it.

One of the bits they approach in the first 5minutes or so is to talk about how they here people out there saying they would never let their kids go over to play at a house that has a gun. Yet if you look at the statics a kid is 100X more likely to be killed in a pool than by a gun and yet no one ever says...I'd never let my kid go over to a house that has a pool.

They also talk that the fact that guns are protected by the second amendment is much the result of an accident of history. It's like tobacco and alcohol. The reason they are legal now is because they've been in wide spread use for years compared to say marijuana that is a relatively new(at least in popularity) drug.

Talk about some of the mental health issues on how we used to lock up more people in mental hospitals than we put in jail and now it's flipped and some of the implications of that when it comes to crazy people having shootings.

Talk about the statistics of mass shootings at the beginning I think they said that ~16 people are killed per year on average for mass shootings compared to the 12K people killed every year. Also mention that the odds of a true 'innocent' being is very low. Most of the people killed aren't 'innocents'.

Talk about gun laws that would work in reducing crime, like mandatory sentence enhancements for using a gun during crime. Talk that all of the proposals on the table right now will have almost no impact on gun violence.

Mention that the presence of guns disrupts the normal order when it comes to things like fights. Says it used to be if the guy is bigger you know who's going to win the fight so the fight may never have started in the first place. But when guns are present it disrupts that order and you now don't know who's going to win. This can have the effect of encouraging more fights because you might be able to win.

While definitely true they didn't mention that to some degree the opposite is true. By having guns present as a victim of a say a rape or robbery a small say women has a chance to defend herself against a much larger attacker. I would have been curious about their analysis of that related point.

They talk that to tackle this issue is much deeper than simple solutions. They also say that it appears some people have unjustified fears of guns, because the statistics of those who are particularly anti-gun is that they don't generally hang out with people who even have guns and so they are almost never around guns. The odds of them being injured by a gun is extraordinarily small.

I'm sure I didn't do a great job paraphrasing and as much as I try to remember objectively my memory(like everyone elses) will hold biases in remembering points I favor more or those I found unusual. So I am sure I missed some interesting points. It is ~30min long. I did it in two 15min breaks but if you have the time it's a worthy listen.

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