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Marty McDonald 05-02-2001 12:46 PM

Chief Fans-

I need some help. My friend thinks Amanda Marcum is the hottest thing since sliced bread. I disagree.

I think Brittany Daniel (aka Mrs. Joe Dirt) is the champion.

so who should it be? what are your choices?

Gaz 05-02-2001 12:51 PM

None of the above
Vanessa Williams.

Hottest thing since Mrs. Gaz.

Admittedly biased.

ptlyon 05-02-2001 12:54 PM

Omigod! Wow! Toss up from this angle. Wouldn't kick either one out of bed for eating crackers.


pt ~ running for the bathroom

ExtremeChief 05-02-2001 12:55 PM

I've always been partial to Halle Berry myself...

kcred 05-02-2001 12:56 PM

I guess those two would make me rethink my views on Angie Dickenson, but she was hot in her day.

Bob Dole 05-02-2001 12:57 PM

Bob Dole would have to meet them both in person and conduct interviews to properly determine who's "hottest."

mlyonsd 05-02-2001 01:08 PM

I'd have to say that to be fair we'd need more photos or conduct interviews as the Senator has suggested before we can come to a conclusion.

BIG_DADDY 05-02-2001 01:19 PM

We need more pictures to better perspective.


All time favorite was Pam Anderson in her prime.

WisChief 05-02-2001 02:34 PM

Feel free to post that picture of Tiffany Amber Thiesen again - I'll take her (pun intended ;) ) over those other two - spank you very much........

Mark M 05-02-2001 02:46 PM

I'd have to say the top one, IMO.

Of course, I've developed a thing for Jennifer Alba on "Dark Angel" lately ... something about those lips. :D

~~Still thinks his wife is the hottest woman on earth (in case she reads this).

bishop_74 05-02-2001 03:05 PM

Mr. Dole,

Originally posted by Robert_Dole
Bob Dole would have to meet them both in person and conduct interviews to properly determine who's "hottest."

Correct me if I'm wrong... but shouldn't the quote marks be around the word interview, not the word hottest? Just curious.


keg in kc 05-02-2001 03:07 PM

Gotta agree with Extreme Chief about Halle Berry...

Rausch 05-02-2001 03:11 PM

Natalie Wood...
The older posters will remember...

I'm torn, I loved Natalie Wood, but like Christopher Walken as an actor....One love OBVIOUSLY must go...

Baby Lee 05-02-2001 03:11 PM

Angie Harmon - beauty with the very best of them, but that voice is the icing on the cake.

47mack 05-02-2001 03:13 PM


Angie.....AH YES

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