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Dayze 08-28-2013 02:11 PM


Originally Posted by Radar Chief (Post 9921490)
Sounds like fun, go for it. :thumb:
Just remember, if you play you WILL pay. Itís only a matter of time.
Donít drive it like a stolen rental and youíll probably be just fine with plain ole routine maintenance.

yep lol
we were at the AHRA races a few years back, and we walked by a garbage can and he said 'You wanna make a drag car? If so, just take all your money out of your account, put it into the barrel, and light it on fire"

lol. He's pretty much 'done' with those days. I'd love to have a car that looks good, sounds good, runs good etc. Ie - don't need 500HP lol.

Dayze 08-28-2013 02:22 PM


Originally Posted by Tombstone RJ (Post 9921282)
Looks like a fun car but unless you have time to baby it and a place to keep it (in a garage) I wouldn't buy it. If you do race it at SCCA events, that just time and $ as things like tires, gas, going to the races (time) and all the other stuff that goes with racing is expensive. You will spend $$$ racing. It is what it is, an expensive hobby.

nah. I'll garage it. Won't get into racing etc.

If I were to ever race as a hobby, I'd get a track bike. much cheaper and a ton 'o fun.

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