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alanm 08-25-2000 09:41 AM

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tabularly impaired.

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Coogs 08-25-2000 09:51 AM

Absolutey it's possible. I feel it is possible to sweep the whole damn division!

We CAN and WILL sweep the chargers. Gun's got Leaf's #.

We CAN and WILL sweep the Donkeys. Key on the run, and beat the shit outa Griese!

We CAN and damn well BETTER sweep the Faidahs. After the season finale fiasco failure, KC will be absolutely stoked for both Oakland games.

We CAN and SHOULD sweep the Hawks. Their D is significantly weaker than '99, and Kitna seems to be imploding. Can't wait to see young Brock scramble for his life, throwing up INTs left and right!


ps. oops!
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Coogs 08-25-2000 09:54 AM

Cmon gaz, don't leave me hangin like that!!

alanm 08-25-2000 10:01 AM

Okay, I am an idiot...

How do I paste a table into a reply?

HTML- & UBB-impaired.

alanm 08-25-2000 10:06 AM

I have a table in Word that I want to paste into a reply.



Coogs 08-25-2000 10:07 AM

Sadly, I cannot help you there.

I honestly didn't think the original(before you yanked it right out from under me) was all that terrible, anyway.

the freedom of choice is truth
the fear to choose is hypocricy

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alanm 08-25-2000 10:14 AM

DENVER: Rams, Falcons, Patriots, Browns, Bengals, Jets, Saints, 49ers
SEAHAWKS: Dolphins, Rams, Saints, Panthers, Colts, Jaguars, Falcons, Bills
CHARGERS: Saints, Rams, Bills, Dolphins, 49ers, Ravens, Panthers, Steelers
RAIDERS: Colts, Browns, Saints, 49ers, Falcons, Steelers, Jets, Panthers
CHIEFS: Colts, Titans, Rams, 49ers, Bills, Patriots, Panthers, Falcons

It’s easy to see that the Raiders and Broncos will thrive on their schedule outside the conference. If the AFC West beats up on each other [as many of us expect], then the Broncos will probably take the AFC West. If not them, then the Raiders are close behind in the “Charmin” lottery.

The Chiefs’ path to the AFC West crown does not lie in the games outside the conference. 4-4 would not be a surprise with that schedule.

If we are to contend for the title, we will have to do much better than 4-4 in the conference. We will have to sweep at least [2] of our AFC West neighbors, possibly [3] of them.


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DoktorSmith 08-25-2000 10:15 AM

I'm still trying to figure out all the faces... :O

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Coogs 08-25-2000 10:20 AM

tx gaz! Thought I was gonna look really stupid w/out the actual topic!

I'm trying to search back through several threads to find something. Maybe it was The Grand Illusion, or maybe someone else, but I saw somebody post a small table. If I find it, this should show you how to do it. Like to find out myself.

the freedom of choice is truth
the fear to choose is [b]hypocricy</B>

DoktorSmith 08-25-2000 10:21 AM

Based on our schedule, I am more inclined to go with a 5-3 non division record...I see possible wins over the Rams, 49s, Bills, Panthers and Falcons as distinct possibilities...

Within our division...Sweep the Chargers...possible sweep of the Hawks...but again 5-3 is what I see...

I predicted the Chiefs would be 11-5...a homer prediction for sure, but 10-6 is realistic and that should get a wild card if not the AFC West...

"I want to die in my sleep like my grandfather...Not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car." (j. handy)

One Arrowhead Dave 08-25-2000 10:23 AM

cory, I think it was Bob Dole that posted the table earlier, forgot the name of the thread, but remember seeing it.<BR>

Raiderhader 08-25-2000 10:26 AM

I will attempt to convert Gaz's list into a table. If you want a quick tutorial on tables and 'how to', here's a link:

How to HTML Tables<BR>

alanm 08-25-2000 10:28 AM

My point, which is sure to be anticlimactic at this point, is that Denver or Oakland can win the AFC West if they split with all conference teams. KC cannot. A lot of us have been looking forward to a real dogfight in the AFC West [I include myself in that group]. But the arrival of parity does not bode well for our playoff aspirations.

I agree with the poster [sorry, lousy memory] who said that there will be no Wild Card team from the AFC West. We Chiefs fans have looked to the games against the non-conference teams and agonized at our tough schedule. But the determination as to whether we enter post season play will be made within the AFC West.

I think we can sweep San Diego, Leaf or no Leaf.

On paper, we should be able to sweep Seattle, but Holmgren out-coached Gunther twice last season. Has Holmgren gotten any dumber? Is Gunther any smarter?

We are fairly evenly matched with Denver and Oakland. Each has a specific area of the Defense we can attack, and neither has a QB to inspire fear [a common ailment in the AFC West]. Mile High is a tough, tough venue. I personally feel better about our chances for an Oakland sweep than a Denver sweep.

noticing a lot of potholes on this road.<BR>

Snapper 08-25-2000 10:30 AM

We have a hard road to the AFC West Title, however look at the Titans tough schedule made them a contender. I think we will start strong and have a great home field advantage and will 10 to 11 games this year.


DaKCMan AP 08-25-2000 10:31 AM

Gaz - Edit this post and it will show you how to do tables here.

<table border=1> <tr><td>DENVER:</td><td>Rams</td><td>Falcons</td><td>Patriots</td><td>Browns</td><td>Bengals</td><td>Jets</td><td>Saints</td><td>49ers</td></tr>

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